Monday, May 23, 2016

Love Letters: A Victoria Day story and other tales of where your fellow writers are getting published

Hi, Brian.
Here’s the link to my Victoria Day story in The Globe & Mail. I want to thank Lyanne, Hannah, and Nydia (from the Wednesday afternoon Intensive class) who gave me some very good feedback and recommended that I submit it. 
In order to shrink the piece down to 900 words, as required by the editor, a few funny bits had to be chopped, but I think it still captures the spirit of that Victoria Day evening, ever so many years ago.
Happy long weekend to all, and watch out for kids with sparklers!
Sally B
Read Sally’s story, “The Victoria Day when I stuck a sparkler in my sister’s back,” here.
For information on submitting a “Facts and Arguments” essay to the Globe and Mail, see here.
Note: The next “Intensive Creative Writing” class is starting up in July. See details of all the summer courses here.

Hi, Brian:
Do you remember the story that I wrote in one of your writing classes about returning to my home town in Quebec after over 30 years and finding an unusual memento – my braids?  The story was finally published in the March issue of Our Canada magazine.  
Thank you for everything.  
Kindest regards,
Oksanna Crawley
For information on submitting to Our Canada, see here.

My article, Wind Turbine Highlights Unifor’s Hypocrisy On Noise Hazards” is featured on the front page of today's Huffington Post. Check it out here.
I hope you will read it and sign the related petition to help the families in Port Elgin who are suffering from the noise. 
Then, please share the article with your email list, like it on Facebook, and/or tweet it. 
Thanks for your support!

Hi, Brian.
I hope all is well. I just thought I’d let you know why your ears were burning on Sunday. I attended the Ontario Writers Conference and sang your praises. Writers were jotting down your name, so I hope they sign up for your workshops!
On another note, my short story, “Perfidy" was published today on CommuterLit.
I have a lot to thank you for – so, thank you! I hope to see you soon at another event. I’m writing more short stories and am halfway through writing my next novel (will need to attend your workshop for some feedback on chapters soon). “Love and Terror’s” manuscript was requested by McDermid Agency and I’ve been invited to submit the query to Sam and Olga at The Rights Factory. Fingers crossed that someone takes it one. 
All the best,
Read Joanne’s story hereFor information about submitting to CommuterLit, see here.
For information about submitting to the McDermid Agency, see here, and for information about The Rights Factory, here

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