Friday, August 5, 2016

Two new ebooks: Guns, Fire and Hoses by Susan Smith and Adventure in the Swiss Alps – The Secret Cave, by Roger Bonner

Hi, Brian.
Well I've done it. My first novel, Guns Fire and Hoses, is finished and is now available on Smashwords. I had a lot of help along the way, from many sources, including some of your very inspiring workshops. So thanks for that!
Your readers can get a free copy by clicking the Buy button and entering $0.00 for the price (Smashwords will ask you to create a free account if you don't already have one). See here.
Thanks, and have a great summer!
 ~ Susan
Guns Fire and Hoses, an ebook by Susan E. Smith
In Boothville, a small northern town in the Canadian province of Ontario, everything is falling apart. The town’s main employer, a gold mine, has shut down, the workers are rioting, and people are getting hurt; just ask Walt, the local RCMP Sergeant who ends up in the hospital, and Kinsie, a spunky red-haired paramedic who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and nearly ends up dead because of it. 
But what is really going on in that closed-down mine? Only the CEO of the Great Northern Development Company knows for sure, and maybe his attractive young secretary. And that big-city real estate salesman who goes by the name of Hawke… whose side is he really on? In the middle of everything is a hobbit-sized taxidermist with a Balrog-sized pile of bills and a love life that’s way too complicated, whose past is about to catch up with him. Unless he and everyone else can find a way to work together, it will soon be impossible to avert an environmental disaster that could mean the end of Boothville.

Dear Brian,
Many thanks for helping me improve my children’s book about a Canadian kid who visits his Swiss grandparents at their farm high in the Alps! I followed your editorial comments and revised it completely. It is now a much better book.
I've now self-published Adventure in the Swiss Alps – The Secret Cave, and it's available as an e-book from Amazon for just $3.89 here.
Best regards,
Roger Bonner

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