Thursday, August 9, 2018

“The Next Big Thing” a review of a gallery showing by Amir Yani

It’s been three years since I last visited an art gallery, so I’m not exactly a professional critic. In 2015, I attended an exhibit with my art history class to see various works of art from past eras. I didn’t enjoy it much at that time.

Last week, I got a chance to visit The Next Big Thing, a show at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre art gallery. This time I went with my creative writing class and I was given the opportunity to view contemporary art made by young, aspiring artists. I enjoyed these modern pieces a lot more than the historical ones I saw before, as most of the art was inspired by present day events and political issues. I particularly liked the image of artist Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart, which depicted her draped in a garbage-bag swimsuit surrounded by numerous other plastic bags.

Foreground: "Musikbox" by Katja Sporri
Large portrait: "Subhash" by Michelle Peraza
As she lies in the dark, polluted water, it appears she’s no different than the waste surrounding her. It really makes you think of how carelessly people pollute the very same environment in which we live and breathe. 

I found the image of her lying still, seemingly dead, very powerful. To me, the image shows that, while pollution can easily be ignored, something as valuable as a human being’s life stands out much more. Sage manages to deliver a strong message through a single photo, beautifully captured, with each item carefully placed in the frame.

The other works of art were also very creative with each artist having their own unique style. This gave a nice overall diversity to the show, as each piece offered something different. Since we visited the gallery after hours and we had the place to ourselves, the atmosphere was very relaxing and we were given enough time to examine each piece thoroughly. 

Each work of art was also accompanied by a short description to give visitors more information about the artists and their work. One suggestion I recommend that would enhance the mood in the gallery is the addition of calm, soothing music to further immerse visitors in the experience.

Overall, I thought the class trip to see The Next Big Thing was a great experience. Wandering around the exhibit and examining the different works of art helped expand my creativity by taking in inspiration from these talented artists. I would recommend visiting this gallery to anyone who appreciates contemporary art and prefers a cozier atmosphere rather than a large, crowded exhibit.

Note: The Next Big Thing runs through to August 18, 2018, at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre Gallery. Details here.

Amir Yani is an aspiring journalist currently living in Mississauga, Ontario. He discovered his passion for writing in high school. Amir enjoys writing reviews and sharing his opinions about his hobbies and personal experiences. He recently graduated from McMaster University with a Commerce degree and is now pursuing a career in writing.

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