Tuesday, June 18, 2019

"Just Turn" by Sheena Whitworth

His oblivion to her pain crippled her
Doubling her over to contain her grief
Why did he choose to not see her need?
Why did he sit impenetrable in ignorance?
Why did he not turn and embrace her?

Why did she try to conceal her anguish?
Why did she not recognize their pain was mutual?
Why did she not see his need was as deep as hers?
Why did she not know that his strength was a facade?
Why did she choose to suffer alone and in silence?

There was a barrier between them stronger it seemed than stone
It could be shattered with one small step towards the other
Arms, eyes and hearts open and vulnerable
First she would have to look up and see a man outwardly strong but inwardly fractured
First he would have to look over his shoulder and see a woman silently pleading with him
Paralyzed by the grief of their lost child they would remain in solitude

Sheena Whitworth is new to writing and is finding her voice, and as retirement approaches, she is looking forward to spending more time on this. She is most comfortable with humour and also loves to take readers on a path with an unexpected twist at the end. But she also has a darker side which sometimes takes over her mind and pen. She is looking forward to long summer days at her cottage on the lake, developing her writing style, accompanied by her four-legged but one-eyed dog, Toby.

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