Thursday, September 15, 2022

New book: Lives Lived by Howard Pell

Howard Pell has launched his first fiction book, Lives Lived. This book uses the vehicle of reincarnation as the backdrop to explore a variety of topics. As one reviewer said: “The narrative unfolds many layers and sub-layers of the nature of human existence and how it is shaped and effected along its journey by socio-economic circumstances, value systems, love, prejudice, religion, caste, customs and human greed.”

The lives of widowed Ramesh Kelly, a day-wage earner digging trenches in India and his daughter, Kiran, become completely transformed when Kiran successfully takes a reincarnation test in which she remembers her past life accurately. She becomes eligible to inherit the estate of Charlie Simmons, a wealthy Toronto businessman who died the day she was born. 

With this, they move to Toronto, to settle into their bewildering, affluent new lifestyle. More of Kiran’s memories of her former life start to surface – memories that one man desperately hoped would stay buried.

Howard writing on the dock
at Arowho Pines Resort

Readers are finding Lives Lived to be engaging and enriching. Some comments:

·         One wouldn’t think it is the author’s debut fiction book, given that it flows smoothly and seamlessly from one scenario/plot to the next, with the thoughts and emotions of the characters adroitly and fluidly drawing the reader deeper into the story.

·         This story explored personal growth, both emotional and intellectual. I loved seeing how the characters reacted to new experiences and places. The author did such a good job creating atmosphere that I felt as though I had taken a short trip to India.

·         “Lives Lived” is what I call “realistic” sci-fi in addition being part thriller, part romance and part cultural education.

·         Howard published his two successful nonfiction books on retirement, in 2016 and 2018: Retire Fit, Fit, & Fit: Become Financially, Emotionally and Physically Fit, and Retire S.A.F.E.: Strong, Able, Energetic, Flexible. The writing craft became his “emotionally fit” retirement hobby, as he turned towards writing fiction. His curiosity about “What if?” led him to write this first novel.

This $25 book is available from the author at

And in Words Worth Books, Waterloo, and K-W Bookstore, Kitchener. An e-version is available on amazon here.


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