Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Finding Matthew by Donna Kirk ~ ten years on and still finding an audience

Finding Matthew by Donna Kirk

A child with brain damage, a young man with mental illness, a son and a brother with extraordinary courage

During the first few weeks after Matthew Kirk was born – brain-damaged as a result of oxygen deprivation during delivery – the doctors advised his parents, Donna and Ed Kirk, to put him in an institution, have another baby as soon as possible, and get on with their life.

But what the doctors didn't understand was that Matthew was their life. Indeed, as he grew, Matthew surprised everyone with his athletic good looks, spirited personality, and supreme ability to create joy and love as so many people gathered around to help him through his physical and mental struggles.

In this clear-eyed, laugh-inducing, and heart-tugging book, Donna Kirk recounts the story — the love story — of how she and her family found Matthew, and how he found them.


Donna Kirk is also the author of short stories, which have been published in The Daily American, Ars Medica, CommuterLit, and Quick Brown Fox. She is also a former entrepreneur, having co-founded a company which sold tennis clothing to most of the tennis clubs in the GTA over a 15-year period. She lives with her husband, Ed, in Oakville, Ontario.

First published ten years ago in 2012, Finding Matthew is still selling, as word of mouth leads more and more people to this outstanding story. 

Available here. Visit Donna online here.

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