Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Gifts to make the world a better place

Goats – still one of the best gifts for the holidays. 

Baby blankets are matched 4 to 1
It just might be the most unique gift you’ll give this year. It most certainly will be the most life-changing. For a family the in the developing world, goat’s milk means important protein for growing children. The sale of baby goats means an income to pay for essentials – like an education – that open up opportunities. Hoofs down, we’re m-a-a-a-d about this gift!
See here.

Books also make great gifts. A book is the most basic of objects, essentially a pile of paper and ink. But combine it with the curious mind of a child and a book ignites change of the world-shifting variety. Buy one book for $10 and your donation is automatically matched at a five to one ratio, making your gift a $60 value. See books and other matched gifts here.

Many, many more gifts you can give this year to make the world a better place here.  

All the best of the season. ~Brian

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