Thursday, September 14, 2023

Kudos to Karen for making the short list for the Guernica Prize, to Wendy for publishing an article, to Gail for self-publishing her latest novel, and to Elizabeth for getting a three-book deal!

If you’ve had a story (or a book!) published, if you’ve won or placed in a writing contest, if you’ve gotten yourself an agent, or if you have any other news, send me an email so I can share your success. As writers, we’re all in this together, and your good news gives us all a boost. 

Also, be sure to let know if you're looking for a writers' group or beta readers; a notice in Quick Brown Fox, will help you find them. 

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Hi, Brian.

I am happy to share with you that my third novel, Palmyra, was short-listed for the Guernica Prize for Literary Fiction, with the winner being announced on December third in Toronto. Set at the turn of the 20th century on the island of Trinidad, Palmyra is a historical fiction that I have described as Caribbean Gothic Suspense ... nothing like being creative with the sub-genres.

I want to thank you, once again, for all the tireless work you've done in building a successful, supportive community for writers in the GTA and beyond. Though I moved out to BC a couple of years ago, I am still very much in touch with the writers I meet through your programs.

I'll contact you when I have details of when Palmyra will be made available to the public.  

Karen MacDougal


Hi, Brian.

I don't know whether or not this is the kind of thing you like for your blog, but I thought I'd forward it just in case it is.

I was asked to submit an article about a local man who is celebrating his 100th birthday. He is amazingly sharp and active and has a great many stories to tell. Actually, I wrote an article for his 96th and updated it for this one. It was in both the Huntsville Forester and Bracebridge Examiner, as well as online. 

The gentleman and his wife are both thrilled with this article. Tomorrow our entire village, and anyone who's interested, is invited to a surprise party for him, and my husband and I will certainly be there.

I just thought it was such an interesting life to write and read about that your followers might enjoy it. 

Meanwhile, my latest novel, Dead Serious, which you helped coach a bit, is doing well. I have a small publisher in Arizona, who has been great to work with.

Thank you.

Wendy Truscott

You can read Wendy’s article about Baysville’s last war veteran turning 100 here.  

For more about her novel, Dead Serious, see here.


Hi, Brian.

After taking several of your writing courses, I improved, gained confidence and successfully published several short stories. Then, my first novel, The Price of Loyalty was self-published in February 2022. I am delighted to announce that my second novel has just gone live on Amazon. It is called Allegiance.

The first book was an adventure for Middle Grade readers taking place during the American Revolution. My latest book is for Teens or Young Adults and takes place during the War of 1812. It is told through the eyes of a sixteen-year-old girl whose home has been taken over by enemy soldiers and turned into a surgical hospital. She must struggle with caring for the soldiers, the patients, and her own family. She sees death and despair and struggles when she starts to feel affection for the army surgeon. The situation is impossible. Both books are based on the real-life stories of my Loyalist ancestors.

The link to the book can be found here. 

Thanks, Brian! 

Gail Copeland

Hi, Brian!

I took your seminar with the agent this year, and really enjoyed it. And now I'm signed to a publisher in California – a new one, still small, but I have a very good feeling about her.

Here's the weird thing – when I saw her call for manuscripts, I didn't want to put two days into a query letter if, say, she was only looking for thrillers or romance or something. So I sent a quick email saying that I had a YA fantasy, if that would interest her. 

She asked for the first three chapters, and the next day requested the entire manuscript. Two months later she offered me a contract. (I had John Degen vet it – I'm not as starry-eyed as all that!)

The book is The Swan Harp, a YA sword-and-sorcery, and the publisher is Type Eighteen Books. Since I wrote, the publisher has asked for the second book, and now we're talking about a name for the series, so things are ripping along at warp speed. The second and third books are The Lost King and The Shaman's Wife.


Elizabeth Creith

Writer & Artist

Note: Check out Elizabeth’s previous books: Erik the Viking Sheep (Scholastic) here and Shepherd in Residence (from the now defunct Scrivener Press in Sudbury) here or directly from Elizabeth. Email:  


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