Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Cormorant Books & DCB seek books for adults and young people

Cold Snap my Maureen Jennings
published by Cormorant Books

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Cormorant Books

260 Spadina Avenue, Suite 502
Toronto, ON  M5T 2E4


Cormorant Books is an independent literary publisher, with a young reader’s imprint known as DCB {Dancing Cat Books, though no one calls it that}. Cormorant publishes both fiction and nonfiction. As a literary press, Cormorant places great emphasis on the quality of the writing and the editing process, paying attention to each manuscript individually. They look for writing that is authentic, has a distinction of voice and style, and is written by a writer with something to say, ideally from a community or life experience that is not yet part of the fabric of our literature.

Currently, Cormorant isn’t accepting poetry.

For books for adults, query Cormorant at: submissions@cormorantbooks.com

The subject line of your email should read QUERY, plus YOUR NAME.

For fiction, your query should include a brief description of your manuscript (maximum 200 words); for nonfiction, include a proposal, no more than two pages in length.

Also attach the opening pages of your work, to a maximum of 50 pages.

As Cormorant seems extremely particular about formatting, before submitting, see their guidelines here.


Note: If you’re interested in finding a publisher, don’t miss our upcoming How to Get Published” workshop with a literary agent as the guest speaker. See here.


Life Expectancy by Alison Hughes
published by DCB

DCB is an imprint of Cormorant Books that publishes fiction and nonfiction for middle grade and for young adult readers, plus {some} picture books. 

“The goal of DCB is to help readers explore and think about their world through high quality books. We celebrate the intelligence and potential of young people who engage with literature, and hope to provide them with a starting point for a lifetime of learning.”

DCB is currently accepting submissions for middle grade fiction and nonfiction and for young adult fiction and nonfiction, but not for picture books.

They only publish Canadian authors.

Authors are asked to please send complete manuscripts rather than sample chapters.

Submissions should include a brief synopsis (no more than 200 words), an author bio, and full contact information (address, phone number, and email address). The manuscript should be double-spaced and one-sided. Please indicate the word count of your manuscript.

Submit by email to: submissions@dcbyoungreaders.com

Attach your full manuscript

Illustrators: Illustrators are asked to email links to their portfolio or website. “For illustrators who work in a variety of styles, we ask that your links direct us to work suitable for covers or for children’s picture books.”

Before submitting always check out the full submission guidelines for DCB here.

We have a “How to Get Published” workshop, a few writing retreats, and spring classes coming up soon. See details here.


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