Friday, February 16, 2024

Kudos to Denisha, Trina, Sheryl, and Corinne!

If you’ve had a story (or a book!) published, if you’ve won or placed in a writing contest, if you’ve gotten yourself an agent, or if you have any other news, send me an email so I can share your success. As writers, we’re all in this together, and your good news gives us all a boost. 

Also, be sure to let know if you're looking for a writers' group or beta readers; a notice in Quick Brown Fox, will help you find them. 

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Hi, Brian!

 I'm excited to finally share the news that my debut novel co-written with David Demchuk, The Butcher's Daughter, is going to be part of Hell's Hundred, the new horror imprint by Soho Press!

And we get mentioned in a splash bout the new imprint in Publishers Weekly here.

All the best,

Corinne Leigh Clark

Note: The Butcher's Daughter is scheduled to come out in the spring of 2025. I'm looking forward to reading it! ~Brian

If you’re interested in getting published, join us at an upcoming “How to Get Published” workshop with a literary agent as our guest speaker. See here.


Hi, Brian.

Just wanted to share my fantastic news with you. I've just signed a contract with Cormorant Books for my YA novel Red Flags & Butterflies, expected to be published in May 2025. 

I took a few of your classes between 2018–2020, and a few online classes during COVID. I also attended the Algonquin Retreat in July 2020 (the first wave of “openings” post COVID).

At the time, I’d written bits and pieces of the novel, and I knew the story I wanted to tell, but was struggling with how to tell it. I was trying to write about a teen girl who was struggling to find herself, not realizing that her struggles were due to the fact that she had been, and still was, being emotionally and psychologically abused by her father.

At the retreat, you pointed out that the father in the story was “too awful” and suggested the story needed to focus more on my protagonist’s day to day life, and her relationships with her family, friends and boyfriend, and show how her life was impacted by the insidious abuse, rather than focus on her father and his abuse. You also told me that what I was trying to do was going to be “very, very difficult.”

Your advice turned things around for me, and as re-worked the story, your voice was a constant in my head, and I owe you a huge thank you. You weren’t wrong though: it was very difficult to tell the story about a girl suffering abuse, when she herself was naïve to the fact that she was being abused.

Thanks again for your help and advice :)

Sheryl Azzam

Note: we have three writing retreats coming up: Early spring at Sherwood Inn, in Muskoka (see here), then two at Arowhon Pines Resort in Algonquin Park, in June (see here) and in September (see here).

For information about submitting to Cormorant Books, see here.


Hi, Brian.

It's been a few years since I've been to one of your wonderful workshops but I wanted to reach out and let you know that I have written and published a book. Your classes were the first ones I took when I got back to writing and because of you I advanced with my craft, learned about the business and found out that this dream was possible. 

Thank you for everything you do to support the writing community. You make such a difference in people's lives. 

Trina Brooks

Read about Trina’s novel, The Barren Hills of Creighton here.


Hi, Brian.

My poem, “It Spreads,” was accepted into Prairie Fire’s Burning Up/Burning Down Issue for spring 2024. They have rights of publication for the 3-month cycle of the issue.

 Thanks in advance for you help and support.

Denisha Naidoo

I look forward to publishing “It Spreads” in Quick Brown Fox, once Prairie Fire’s exclusive rights expire. 😊 ~Brian

For information about submitting to Prairie Fire (and half-a-dozen other places) see here.


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