Monday, February 19, 2024

New book coming out: Autokrator by Emily A. Weedon

Hi there, Brian.

Always glad to see your emails and that you are busy. 

It’s been busy for me – a Canadian Screen Award for Writing on Chateau Laurier last year and a gig writing four scripts in the writing room on Corus Ent/Sphere Media's Red Ketchup animated tv series on Stack TV

My novel, Autokrator, FINALLY comes out this year from Cormorant. It's been at the printer for about a week so I feel fairly safe saying so now.... Fairly. 

Leah Eichler, who runs Esoterica gave me my pull quote:

What happens when you strip women of all their rights? Autokrator offers a chilling insight into a brutal but not completely unfamiliar world, where the patriarchy runs amok to devastating consequences. Weedon skillfully builds a dystopian universe, inviting the reader to live out the lives of two “Unmales” who battle the orthodoxy, one for power and the other for love. Their continued survival, despite the terrifying horrors occurring all around them, raises many questions, most notably: Will we ever find our way back to a more just society?

In a post Roe v Wade environment, where reproduction trumps individual rights, it’s hard not to read this sweeping saga with terror.

– Leah Eichler, Publisher, Esoterica Magazine

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Autokrator by Emily A. Weedon

In her debut novel, Emily Weedon creates a deeply-etched, speculative world in which two women, born nameless, fight against their tyrannical society.

The disappearance of yet another Domestic means Cera must take on extra duties and tend the rooms of The Kratorling, the young successor to the Autokracy. Face-to-face with him, Cera realizes he is her son, taken from her at birth. She vows to make herself known to him, no matter the cost.

Driven by a Machiavellian mind and ego, Tiresius has successfully hidden her Unmale status in plain sight for years. She rose through the ranks of the Autokracy to reach the highest levels of government. She revels in the power she has attained, but her ruse makes her a gender criminal, which is an act punishable by death.

Both Cera and Tiresius are determined to achieve their goals, but, for better or worse, their actions begin to dismantle the framework and foundations of the autokracy itself.

Emily A. Weedon

is a debut author, but is an award-winning screenwriter. She co-wrote, co-created, and co-produced the web series Chateau Laurier. She and co-writer Kent Staines were awarded Best Writing in a Web Series at the Canadian Screen Awards in 2023. She is also a graphic designer, musician, set painter, and artist. She played music professionally and has released 3 EPs.

Autokrator comes out April 13, 2024. It’s available for pre-order form Indigo / Chapters here.

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