Monday, April 22, 2024

Sparkles and Karim ~ a new novel by Dave Moores

Hi, Brian.

My novel Sparkles and Karim was published this week and is available on Amazon. My sincere thanks to you and all folks in the Thursday afternoon “Extreme” class who definitely helped sandpaper off the rough edges, and enabled me to realize every writer’s dream of actually getting published!


Sparkles and Karim

Iraq, 2014. ISIS is on a roll and Sparkles and Karim need to find a dangerous cache of radioactive material before it's used to make some western city glow.

Major Michelle Wilson, age 32, callsign Sparkles, a US fighter pilot, and Karim Hamid, age 21, callsign Black Flag, a US soldier of Iraqi descent, raised in the US and planted inside ISIS by the CIA have both committed serious infractions, breaking away from their assigned duties, albeit for reasons readers will applaud. 

To atone for their dereliction, they find themselves forced to team up on a perilous mission from Baghdad to Mosul – a city already taken by ISIS – posing as an ISIS couple.

He’s an impulsive risk-taker with little sense of fear, she’s a driven, uptight perfectionist. They’re sceptical of each other initially, but as they face betrayal and the barbarity of jihad, they learn to value each other and become a team in ways they had never imagined.

Dave Moores 

Raised in Bristol, UK, Dave now lives in Oakville, Ontario. Dave’s first novel, Windward Legs, was set in the sailing milieu of Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe. His second novel, Attitude, was a young adult crime fiction novel. But although wildly disparate in content, all of Dave’s novels share the same page-turning intensity.

Sparkles and Karim is available from Amazon here.

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