Saturday, April 27, 2024

Two poems by Julie Whitley


“Lessons in Natural Writing”

  Make the mental shift: feel yourself float,

let words and                          associations freely

mix.  Sense that time             changes pace, sidesteps

as the world                                                         surges past.

Make the mental shift;                                         let emotions

and images rub                                              shoulders, pictures

whole but mute.                                                          Unstop your

innocent, random                                                             wondering.

Make the mental shift;                                                               feel the

rhythms, hear                                                                   the sounds

play with the                                                              language of

ideas and                                                        shape a choice.

Make the mental shift;                                         focus

the emergent patterns                             complex

and unique, the                         lightning flash

of vision that begs                   you to write

Now make the  mental shift


Life’s Circles

Life circles, souls renew. Ancient friends and lovers,

Seek each other anew, In the faces now of others.

In the eyes, dwells the soul. When like hearts meet,

The exchange is whole. And half becomes complete.


Julie Whitley is the author of the Secrets of the Home Wood series, a fantasy adventure. She has been enjoying her retirement from nursing with a return to her early passions of writing prose and poetry and painting. She works in both oils and watercolour. Her three grandsons joyfully occupy the remainder of her time.

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