Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Fun magazine

Travel writing and restaurant reviewing are the ideal writing jobs – imagine getting paid to travel and eat! Actually, I don’t have to imagine it, as I’ve done it. My favourite was a beer tour of Britain, in which I sampled local brews from London to Orkney. Publishing the piece didn’t pay for my whole trip, but on my tax return, I wrote off every pint I drank – that's what I call a pleasant after taste.

There are many markets for travel pieces. Here's one – and you can sell them all sorts of other pieces, too, as long as its got a family focus:

Family Fun
47 Pleasant Street
Northampton, MA 01060

FamilyFun is the country’s number one magazine for families with children ages 3 to 12, with more than 2 million subscribers. On every page, FamilyFun gives parents the information and inspiration they need to create unforgettable family moments. We are the trusted experts on family cooking, vacations, parties, holidays, crafts, learning and travel – all the essentials that enrich the precious time families share.

FamilyFun is unique in the marketplace, delivering real ideas for – and from – real families. Our readers see the magazine as a reflection of their own lives and priorities, a place where they can find a community of like-minded parents and discover ideas for building strong, healthy families.

Family Getaways Department:

Briefs are probably the best way to introduce yourself to our travel editors. They are newsworthy announcements of family events or attractions such as a new children’s museum, a great deal at a well known family resort, a festival or arts event, a new museum exhibit, a hidden gem, a fun nature outing, or an offbeat roadside attraction. We also run tips on travel concerns such as saving money on car rentals or whether to buy travel insurance. You should be personally familiar with the destination or event.

Length: 100 to 200 words

Compensation: $1.25 per word upon acceptance ($75 for the idea if we opt to use a staff writer)
Submissions: Manuscripts and queries; direct to Travel Editor:

Full submission guidelines for travel pieces here:

Note: For information about Brian Henry’s upcoming writing workshops and courses see here.

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