Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kasma Magazine - call for submissions

There’s a new quarterly journal starting up. Kasma Magazine of Ottawa will publish its first issue in print and on-line December 1, 2009. Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

“Welcome To Kasma Magazine. We are dedicated to publishing only the best fiction from established and new writers from all over the world. Each issue will feature four new and original works.
Currently accepting submissions.

"We do not limit ourselves to any specific genre, although admittedly, we do have a soft spot for science fiction. We ask that the work submitted is original and thought provoking, and is limited to under 5000 words.

“We only accept email submissions. Please put “Submission” on the subject line and paste the submission in the body of the email. We do not open attachments.

“We do pay a token amount to the author for every story that we accept, which averages about seven to ten dollars. We wish we could pay more, but at the moment we are a small magazine.

“If Kasma Magazine buys your story, we buy first rights to publish it in both our print and online magazines, as well as the right to publish it in any subsequent anthologies.”

Send submissions to:

Note: For information about Brian Henry's upcoming writing workshops and courses see here.

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