Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Unhanged Arthur

In the world of Canadian crime novels, winning an Arthur Ellis Award puts you at the top of the heap. Besides the awards for published novels, the Crime Writers of Canada also award the Unhanged Arthur for the best unpublished manuscript.

Last year, the due date for submitting your manuscript was Nov 1. It’s probably the same this year, but the Crime Writers of Canada haven’t updated their website or replied to my email asking for details of this year's contest. This is good news - disorganized contests tend to have few entries, giving you a good chance to win!

So start polishing your mystery novel.

Assuming all is the same as last year, the contest winner will receive a special Arthur Ellis Award, a cash prize from McArthur and Company, and Kim McArthur will critique the winning manuscript. Also, McArthur and Company will have first refusal on the work (meaning they will have the option of being the first to make you an offer on your manuscript, which you can accept or not).

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