Monday, September 21, 2009

Call for submissions - Stories of Faith and Prayer

Do you have a story to tell? As part of a fundraiser for Eramosa Eden Retreat Centre, I am compiling a book of inspiring stories for a Christian organization.

If you have a story between 100 words and 1,000 (approximately) about how prayer or your faith either sustained you or inspired you to greater heights, I would love to see it. References to scriptures that were particularly significant or meaningful to you are most welcome.
Editorial suggestions may be made, but any changes would be done with your approval, so don't worry about grammar or punctuation. We want the heart and soul of your story and how your faith or a specific prayer got you through a troubling time.

Author retains full rights to their story. Please let me know if you are using a pseudonym or wish to remain anonymous.

When the book is accepted each author will be paid $50 for their story.

I need your story as soon as possible. If you can send it by October 10, that would be great. You can either paste it in the body of an email or attach it as a Word file or an Rich Text Format file. I will let you know if your story will be included in the collection.

Thank you,Gloria Nye

President, Eramosa Eden Retreat Centre

Note: For information about Brian Henry' writing workshops and courses see here.

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