Friday, September 4, 2009

"Getting Rid of Rosie," Lynda Simmons

Lynda Simmons’ seventh book is an outrageously entertaining novel of life, love, death - and the afterlife.

Rosie Fisk was once Samantha Marcello’s best friend - until she ran off with Samantha’s fiancĂ©, Michael. But now Rosie is dead and Samantha figures it ought to be easy to hook up with Michael again.
Unfortunately, Rosie’s ghost is haunting around, determined not to let a little thing like death keep her out of the game - or so she hopes.
But though Samantha might have let Rosie steal Michael from her when she was alive, no way is she going to be beat out by a ghost. This time Samantha is going to exorcise Rosie once and for all…

Getting Rid of Rosie (published by Berkley Books, a Penguin USA imprint) is available in most bookstores or on-line from or

Note: Lynda Simmons will be the guest speaker at the “How to Write and Sell a Romance Novel” workshop on Sept 26 in Brampton. Don’t miss it. Lynda is primarily a comic author and her talks are even funnier than her books. Details here.

Note: For information about all of Brian Henry’s upcoming writing workshops and creative writing courses, see here.

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