Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ascent Aspirations Journal & Contest

Ascent Aspirations publishes a monthly on-line journal and an semi-annual print anthology. It encourages new writers and often provides a space for people publishing their work for the first time.

For the on-line journal, Ascent accepts unsolicited manuscripts of short fiction (1000 words or less), poetry, short philosophical essays on life and the human condition, reviews of current published works, and visual art.

Ascent looks for literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy and horror, or dark mainstream. Poetry can be about anything, provided the work reflects the general tone and quality established in previous issues. Short essays should comment on life, philosophy, mythology and the human condition without preaching for any particular organized mainstream religious system. A visual art submission should consist of 8 jpgs, with the artist's bio, and any commentary on the art if needed.

Poetry and Flash Fiction Contest

Twice a year, Ascent Aspirations runs a contest for inclusion in their print anthology. This is a perfect-bound 120-page book with a glossy art designed cover.

Due date is my birthday: October 15th, 2009 – extended from Sept 15 in my honour (not really ;-)

This edition will be titled "Issue for a New World Century," and contributors should consider issues of addictions, longing, violence, scarcity, racism, intolerance, poverty, love, hate, prejudice, secrets.
First place for Poetry and flash fiction: $100 and 1 copy of the anthologySecond place for poetry and flash fiction: $50 and 1 copy of the anthologyThird place for poetry and flash fiction: $25 1 copy of the anthologyPlus six $10 honourable mention awards with 1 copy of the anthologyAll contributors in the collection will receive one copy of the anthology.

Maximum length of each poem is 60 lines. Spaces between the stanzas count as lines. The maximum length for flash fiction is 800 words.

Contest fee: $5 for one poem or 3 poems for $10. $10 for each piece of flash fiction. You can send as many poems or flash fiction pieces as you wish.

General submission guidelines:

Note: For information about Brian Henry’s upcoming writing workshops and courses see here.

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