Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"I’m getting over my fear of writing," Sheila Ludgate

Hi Brian,
Just wanted to tell you that an essay I submitted to the Facts & Arguments page will be published in the Globe & Mail this Tuesday, Feb 23. I thought you might be interested because it's about enrolling in one of your creative writing classes! Hope to be able to take another of your classes later this year...
Sheila Ludgate,

Congratulations to Sheila!  Check out her essay here.  Be sure to click on the "Recommend" button, because it's important to support your fellow writers. And, hey, anyone who wants to plug my courses in the Comments or give a Thumb's Up to a comment already there, will get my eternal thanks.
- Brian
P.S. For information about submitting a piece to Facts & Arguments, see here.
For information about my writing workshops and creative writing classes, see here.

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  1. Congrats! Amazing how writing about not writing can get you published. Oh, actually, it's writing WELL about not writing that can get you published. Also, there is indeed a market for everything, even for Kraft Dinner, but you have to find it.


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