Thursday, February 11, 2010

WritersAdvice seeks submissions, holds flash prose contest

WritersAdvice ( is a zine that publishes author interviews and has expanded into book reviews, poetry and prose.  No payment just glory.

Guidelines: We love to hear from new voices as well as our regular contributors. We are interested in writers of all ages, authors with carefully crafted, beautifully told, evocative, startling stories of discovery or wonder. Our goal is to take on a more literary tone. Send your best writing.

We prefer flash prose (750 words or less) and poetry under 32 lines. Please query for longer pieces. Please include a short bio, 40 words or less plus a URL (web site address) if you have one, with each submission. Please cut and paste your submission into the body of an e-mail, since we do not open files.

Only review books you recommend. While balance is good in a review, the ones for Writer Advice should be at least 80% positive. Honor the thought, effort, and creativity of authors. Make at least one positive comment about the author’s style. Write about what makes the book appealing, different, unique, worth the time it takes to read it. Reviews should run only 150-250 words since it is 25% harder to read online. The editor reserves the right to cut it or ask you to cut it if it is longer.

Flash Prose Contest:

Submit flash fiction, memoir, or creative non-fiction that grabs, surprises, and mesmerizes readers in fewer than 750 words. If you have a story or memoir with a strong theme, sharp images, a solid structure, and an unexpected discovery, please submit it to the WriterAdvice Flash Prose Contest.

Deadline: April 15, 2010

Prizes: First place $150; second $75; third $50; fourth $25; honorable mentions will also be published.

All entries should be typed, double-spaced and submitted in hard copy, not e-mail. Entries must be postmarked by April 15, 2010. Send them to B. Lynn Goodwin, WriterAdvice, P.O. Box 2665, Danville, CA 94526.

You may enter up to three stories. Enclose a $10 check for each entry made payable to B. Lynn Goodwin. This will help defray the costs of the contest. If no prizes are awarded, checks will be refunded.

Include a separate cover sheet with your name, address, phone number, current e-mail address, and each story title. Please include only your title top of each page of your story. Finalists will be asked to submit a brief biography as well as an e-mail copy of the story. Names of all winners will be announced in the summer issue of WritersAdvice 

All entries accompanied by an SASE will be returned with brief comments. E-mail questions, but not submissions to editor B. Lynn Goodwin at

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  1. It's always delightful to see the contest advertised and to see that old keyboard that looks like my father's antique typewriter.


    Author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers


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