Friday, January 14, 2011

"Grasshopper on My Shoulder." a picture book by Nathalie Montcalm & JoAnn Thompson

Dear Brian,
My very good friend JoAnn Thompson and I wrote a children's story Grasshopper on My Shoulder for entry into The Writers' Union of Canada Writing for Children Competition. (Coming up in April - see here).

We were thrilled to place 9th out of over 1200 entries at that time! One of the judges happened to be Robert Munsch, and he described our story as: "A wonderful animal story for kids".

JoAnn suggested we should self-publish. I had become a Meme and she was about to be an Oma, and she said Grasshopper on My Shoulder would be a meaningful gift for our grandchildren. As of 26 November 2010, Grasshopper on My Shoulder was published with colour illustrations and is now available to purchase.

This is a story of a father and his child spending a wonderful day together exploring the wonders of nature. The father is shown by his child that little acts of kindness are appreciated and reciprocated.

Sample reader comments:

"As an adult I found it charming, I can't imagine how thrilling this story will be for parents to share with their children during the bedtime ritual. ...I enjoyed both the story and the fantastic illustrations." D. Duncan, Windsor, ON.

"... I enjoyed it very much -- as will son James and family -- fun, friendly, warm, considerate, interesting, beautiful & inspiring!" J. Loaring, Essex, ON.

This book is suitable for reading to preschoolers, or reading by children up to ten years of age.  Copies area available for $10 plus $3 shipping each within Canada, and can be obtained by contacting us at our email address
Thank you, Brian, for helping us through your workshops.

Nathalie Montcalm

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