Saturday, January 8, 2011

Two agents at McGinniss Associates hungry for clients

Joe McGinniss, James' famous father
McGinniss Associates Literary Agents
244 5th Ave, Suite J270
New York, NY 10001

McGinniss Associates is a new agency with two new agents with minimal background in the business and, as yet, few or no clients.  So no experience to speak of, but on the other hand, they really need authors.
They're seeking a wide range of nonfiction, including narrative nonfiction, self-help, science, pop-culture, humor, and prescriptive nonfiction.  For fiction they're looking for a good story and a tight narrative structure. Full submission guidelines here.

Please submit queries via e-mail to Include a short bio and a ten page sample with your letter. No attachments

James McGinniss was born into the publishing industry and comes from a family of publishing greats (son of bestselling author Joe McGinniss and esteemed editor Nancy Doherty, and brother to acclaimed novelist Joe McGinniss, Jr). During his tenure at Vigliano Associates, James worked closely with the agents there on a number of high level projects. Sensing a strong shift in the publishing industry, James made the timely move of founding this agency in order to help his clients flourish in the new market.

Barry Zucker: After working in the industry for a number of years (and loving every minute of it), Barry made the leap to full agent, secure in his knowledge of publishing trends and his relationships with key contacts. In addition to being an enthusiastic and hungry agent, Barry is also the Agency's business specialist and overall rights manager.

Brian Henry has a "How to Get Published" workshop coming up in Burlington on February 19 with agent Alisha Sevigny of the Rights Factory (see here). On May 7, he'll be hosting the "From the Horse's Mouth" seminar at Ryerson University, where one of the guest speakers will be Marilyn Biderman (details to come).

But if you're really interested in getting your own work in shape for possible publication, consider Brian's "Extreme Creative Writing" class, offered Wednesday afternoons in Oakville (see here) and Wednesday evenings in Mississauga (see here). But if you're interested, sign up soon - these classes are popular and will fill up.

For information about all of Brian's writing workshops and creative writing courses, see here.

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