Friday, February 4, 2011

Lost in Thought - new print magazine in the works, looking for short stories

Lost in Thought magazine will be a Toronto-based publication for people who love reading interesting short stories. There won't be a theme tying the stories together, just that they all connect with the reader on some level.

Your story could be a piece about a dog in outer space, or a WWII vet in NYC. The publication will hopefully include a nice variety of stories.

Of course they need story submissions to get this off the ground! So if you're a writer, great! They're looking forward to reading your stuff.  Photography and Illustrations are also vital to setting the tone of the stories. Lost in Thought will feature nice big photos and illustrations, so if there are any talented people out there who would like to see their work in print, feel free to send an email!

Story Submissions:
Try to keep it 5,000 words or less. There's some wiggle room if it's a really great piece, but no fair trying to get your novel published.

Ideally your submission shouldn't be published elsewhere. That doesn't mean it has to be an entirely new story though, it could be something you've had sitting on a hard drive for years just waiting for a home.

Try to keep your submission to one or two pieces, no need to send every piece you've ever written.

All entries will be read and appreciated! Send them to:

Submission guidelines here. Home here.

For information about Brian Henry's creative writing courses and writing workshops, see here.

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