Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Our love story almost never happened" a true story by Susan Crossman

We all know the life of a single mother is full of challenges and disappointments. As the self-employed mother of a lively six-year-old, I’d had enough. It was the endless winter of 1993 and I’d been fighting fatigue, bill collectors, my ex-husband and the clock – for years. I needed some goodness in my life.

Actually, I needed a miracle and I arrived at my home office late one afternoon after an especially tough day to find it: My high-school sweetheart had left a message on my voice mail wanting “to shoot the breeze,” as he put it ... more

Susan Crossman is a career writer with decades of experience in journalism, government communications, PR and marketing. She currently runs her own freelance writing business through which she produces newsletter and web content, speeches, reports, profile pieces and other custom documentation for clients in the corporate sector. You can read another of her pieces here. And check out Susan's website here.

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