Friday, June 8, 2012

Musicworks magazine's 2nd Annual Sonic Geography Writing Contest (They take regular submissions, too.)

Musicworks magazine's 2nd Annual Sonic Geography Writing Contest

Cash prizes, and winners are published in Musicworks magazine

Details: Write 500 words about the sound of a specific location. How does it influence the space? See here for some examples of Sonic Geographies.

Deadline: June 25, 2012

Each $20 entry fee includes the price of a 1 year subscription to Musicworks (3 magazines and 3 CDs)

Besides the contest, Musicworks also welcome proposals from prospective writers. Here’s what they have to say:

Musicworks is a magazine with CD, published three times a year. The CD features music seldom heard elsewhere, by artists presented in the magazine.

We stand committed to new and challenging forms of music and to the excitement of creative engagement in sound exploration. We feature composers of contemporary experimental music for concert presentation as well as those who work with recorded sound; we feature improvisers, instrument designers, and artists who work in radio, sound installation and sound sculpture.

We offer an inclusive context in which ideas can be discussed, and unfamiliar forms of sound art introduced to adventurous listeners.  Check our 
back issues pages for information on previous publications.
Get in touch with us early, the more you can tell us about your article idea the better we can plan.

We have several sections in the magazine:

Letters to the Editor - speak your mind on our pages
Commentary - an opinion column by a different author each issue
Feature articles – presenting artists active in music and sound exploration
Reports and Reviews – discussing recent events and publications
Images of Sound – visual presentations of sound-based art

Check a copy of the magazine to get a sense of our style and mandate. (Musicworks is in many newsstands and libraries.) We present challenging music and sound exploration to the adventurous listener using a non-academic style, but without simplifying or compromising the integrity of an artist’s work. 

We pay an honorarium to contributors. We also send three free copies and give a 40% discount on additional copies of the magazine where the article appears.

Because issues of Musicworks are planned far in advance of publication we like to have information about possible articles as soon as possible - before they have been written, in fact. (There is usually a long lead time before an article actually comes out in an issue.) 

For feature articles please send us information about the following:

  • Describe your subject artist’s areas of work, achievements, and other details of interest.
  • Briefly describe your background and experience in the subject and as an author. Send examples of your writing if possible.
  • Are score examples, photos, diagrams, etc. available?
  • Are sound examples available for the CD?
  • When can you have the article ready?
  • How many double-spaced pages do you think it will be?
  • Which topics are covered in your article?
  • Which subjects and themes are emphasized?
Reports, reviews, and letters are usually published in the next issue after they are received. 

To write a report, contact us with a brief description of your topic. Ask us for our list of recently received recordings and books which we send by e-mail, tell us which ones you choose, and we will mail you your selected review items.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Full submission guidelines here.

For information about all the annual writing contests in Canada, order the Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar, just $23.50 including all taxes and shipping. For details, email

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