Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Two poems by Linda Spencer


I see through the layers
That you fight so heavily
To keep wrapped up so tightly.

I feel the tears
That fall as you sleep at night
That you cry throughout daylight.

I sense your fears
And all of your sorrow
Of what will be for tomorrow.

I feel your doubt
In things you once believed
That now you can’t conceive.

But I see the light
That will brighten up your day
Trust that it’ll come your way.

I give you faith
To dream and to believe
In all good things that you’ll receive.

I sense your joys
That you’ll know your whole life through
Just believe them to be true.


The monster inside you is driving us apart
The drug it craves, the taste it savors
Are killing you inside.

It consumes your thoughts
It possesses your soul
You stand by and let it take control.

It takes years away from us
It kills our dreams and future plans
It angers me beyond what words can say.

So many promises, broken every time
I now sit in reserved silence
A task that eats at my soul.

Too many hours have been spent
Trying to help you to regain control
To break the hold that this monster has.

My heart is twisted in a thousand knots
It aches with the grief that your monster causes
Yet it waits for that day when you’ll finally be free.

Linda Spencer is a tax accountant by trade, but a creative artist by nature. She lives with her husband and two young sons in the village of Glen Williams, Ontario There, she spends her “free” time exploring her creative side by connecting with nature, writing, crafting, and designing and remodelling her family’s property. 
After taking a 10-year break from creative writing and focusing on left-brained thinking, she has rekindled her creative side and is now focused on writing inspirational pieces. Linda is currently a contributing poet in SIBELLA: Poetry Created to Set the Soul Aflame, and is working on a collection of short stories about people who have beat the odds given to them regarding their medical prognosis.

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