Monday, April 1, 2013

Leftwood Publishing – We stick it to the man

"Building Apartheid" - Yves Engler
reveals how the Mossad exerts mind
control over Canada,
from Leftwood Publishing
Leftwood Publishing
1 April Lane
Black Point, NS B0J 1B0

We are an anti-Imperialist press looking for books that present a critical analysis of our society. No critiques of the non-Western world, please! But we are proudly anti-American and anti-Israeli. 

We have nothing against individual Jews, mind you, as long as they’re willing to denounce Israel and any Jew that supports it. Also, we’re sure Judaism could be as good as other religions if Jews would just stop thinking of themselves as a nation and become more like the United Church.

For publication, we require analyses that approach environmental degradation, poverty, child welfare, and other social problems brought about by the capitalist, profit-oriented market economy, as rooted in the inequalities of class, gender, race, and sexual orientation.  Our books specialize in using the language of human rights to undermine the democratic-capitalist-imperialist new world order.

While many of our books are used by academics and are widely adopted as course texts in colleges and universities, we also try really hard to publish books that will reach a wider audience. We've never succeeded. So don’t expect to make any money with us. In fact, if you hope to make money, just screw off, you effing capitalist.

"Luke's Change," the most telling of the 9-11 conspiracy movies

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