Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New self-published books: Flight by Ed Berger, Stories and Stuff by Nancy Price, and several books by Julie Affleck

Hi, Brian.
My name is Ed Berger, a former student of yours at George Brown. I think I was in the last Romance Writing class you taught there back in ... whenever the heck that was. 
I've finally finished my novel, Flight: A gay man Deals with his own homophobia. I hope you enjoy reading it.

For links to retailers where you can purchase Ed's novel, visit his website here.   

Hello, Brian.
You’ll remember me from your workshop in Charlottetown, PEI, several years ago. Friends persuaded me to self-publish my collection of light-hearted looks at life, Stories and Stuff, on Kindle, and with the immense help of a friend who walked me through the formatting process, it's done.

Stories and Stuff is a light-hearted look at life, including some of the travails of moving a cat, the frustrations of an Oma with a bread machine, what might have happened if God asked a bit of help with the continuing crush-creating, and other such stuff. Enjoy, and let others know.

I also am almost to the point of also putting a romance novel for which I've nearly completed the revising process. I'll let you know when that one is up on Kindle.

Good luck with your continuing work of helping and encouraging writers.
Nancy Price

You can buy a copy of Stories and Stuff on-line here.

Hi, Brian.
I’ve been busy! I have self-published 2 middle-grade novels, a young adult novel, and a picture book, the first of many in a series. I’m also working on another series of picture books and another YA novel.  Here's what I've got so far:

Soul Catcher: Thirteen-year olds Emily and Katherine befriend the new girl in town, Lanie. But when strange and terrifying events occur, is Lanie innocent, as she claims to be, or is she really to blame?

The Unbelievers: Unexplained deaths have occurred in the village of Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island, for more than half a century. Every five years, to be exact. This year, thirteen-year-old Leigh Kennedy and her friends are destined to die. Can Leigh find out why this has been happening in time to escape their fate?

The Blurs:Life goes from strange to terrifying when Gavin sees things, things that move so quickly –they’re only a BLUR.

Teddy and I … Can’t Wait for Christmas!  is filled with vivid illustrations that feature a vibrant blend of photos and bright splashes of color. With engaging narrative told in rhyme, have fun on one of many adventures with Teddy and I!

Soul Catcher, The Unbelievers, The Blurs, Teddy and I … Can’t Wait for Christmas! and my new Teddy book, Teddy and I … in Space! are all available at Amazon.com here.

I really enjoy reading your emails and have read some great stories because of it! Have a wonderful day, Brian.
Julie Affleck

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