Sunday, October 12, 2014

I endorse Richard Klagsbrun for school board trustee in Ward 10, Trinity-Spadina

Richard Klagsbrun
The Toronto District School Board has a well-deserved reputation as the most dysfunctional school board in Canada.

The Board faces a huge crisis of declining enrollment and empty schools – which it does nothing about. And it has a backlog of more three billion dollars worth of needed repairs to schools that are falling apart. Making this backlog even more impossible to deal with, the province now insists on reviewing and okaying every renovation the Board undertakes. Why? Because in the past, the Board's renovation projects have gone so far over budget that the province cannot trust it to spend money responsibly {see here}.

While unable to provide decent facilities for our kids, the Board wastes huge sums of money, not only on capital projects but on minute items like installing pencil sharpeners. For a glimpse of how awful financial controls are at the Board, start here.

And while it’s utterly incompetent when it comes to the basics, the Board spends time promoting far left politics and sees no problem with indoctrinating our kids. {For more on this you might start here, here, here … } 

To top it off, he Board also suffers from a culture of intimidation, with many elected Trustees bullying the staff. {For more on this, start here.} 

With elections for School Board Trustees coming up in a couple weeks, we have a chance to do something about this dismal state of affairs. The basic principal should be to vote out every Trustee currently sitting on the Board.

In Ward 10, Trinity Spadina, Richard Klagsbrun is running for school trustee on a campaign of better financial management and less political indoctrination.

Moreover, as the man behind the well-known blog, Eye on a Crazy Planet, Richard has the track record to prove his long-standing interest in the issues. He has my support. Check out Richard's campaign website here.

Ausma Malik is a regular at anti-Israel rallies in Toronto, 
including the yearly antisemitic al-Quds Day Rally. Here she 
is speaking with the yellow flag of Hezbollah terrorist group 
in the background. 
What’s more, Richard’s main opponent in the election is Ausma Malik a woman best known for her sympathy for terrorists. No I'm  not kidding. Read more here.

Unfortunately, Malik is a strong contender. The unions believe they’ll always have her vote so they’re supporting her (see here) and she’s received endorsements from the downtown NDP establishment, including mayoral candidate Olivia Chow.

I trust Chow simply didn’t bother to check Ausuma’s background before endorsing her, but now that it’s come out, I can’t help noticing that Chow is sticking by her support for this terrorist sympathizer.

Ah well, after starting as the front runner, Chow is now in third place, well behind Doug Ford in the polls and so far behind John Tory that the media should start classifying her as one of the many fringe candidates. Indeed, now that she's supporting Malik, maybe Chow will actually end up with a vote count that has to be tallied with negative numbers.

For more commentary, see Brian’s Blog here.

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