Friday, January 30, 2015

No Malice Intended: One Woman’s Journey From The Depths Of Despair To Acceptance & Surrender by Lorene Albers

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“Imagine, you live a life and lifestyle that most people can only dream about. You have everything a woman could possibly wish for and you’re happy and content. You’re married to your soul mate and your relationship is rock solid.   You’re young, you’re beautiful and you’re happy. Life is good and you have no reason to think that it could change in any way. 

But change is what life is about.  Change can happen at any minute of any given day and change is not always for the better.

This is Stephanie’s story.  The story of an ordinary stay at home mom, living an ordinary life in an idyllic small-town environment in the heart of Virginia. 

Stephanie grew up in Canada. After the bitter loss of the mother she adored, she and her husband, Mark, move to a tiny town in rural USA. Getting used to small town life after having lived in the cosmopolitan city of Toronto is not as difficult as she had anticipated.  Her days revolve around her home, her husband and her beautiful twins.

Mark is a partner in a prestigious and enormously successful advertising firm, with its head office in Richmond. Although he travels extensively, he’s always in touch with his family by phone or email. Mark and Stephanie live in a lovely house, they have the BMW, they have the money, and they have all the perks that come with a successful career.

Through one of Mark’s clients, Ken, Stephanie meets his wife, Antonia.  Though they’re entirely different in nature and background, the two women form a deep and lasting friendship. 

But not everything is what it seems and suddenly, out of nowhere, life changes dramatically. Stephanie’s idyllic world is turned upside down.  Her future takes a drastically different course.  Her hopes and aspirations are shattered and her love for her husband has to stand the ultimate test. 

Stephanie’s very life is threatened as she is confronted with the unthinkable. Her only anchor is her deep friendship with Antonia, who is by her side throughout her ordeal and beyond.

This is Stephanie’s story.  A story of love and loss, of happiness and deepest despair and, ultimately, a story of everlasting friendship.

Note: This self-published book is available from Amazon here.

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