Monday, June 29, 2020

“All Is Quiet” by Angela Varghese

All Is Quiet
Up early
Move around
Not a sound
All is quiet

Heads resting
On pillows nesting
Hearts are peaceful
Minds are blissful
All is quiet

Bodies stirring
Eyelids lifting
Bare feet touch the floor
Pitter patter down the stairs
Peering round the door

Mama turning
To noises stirring
Beautiful faces smiling

The day’s begun
Time for fun
All is busy now

Bread is toasted
Friends are hosted
Bicycles ridden
Lunch is given
Mama needs a nap

Noah, Josh, Elijah and Neha
Guitar is amped
Living room cramped
Play Station on
 Computer plays a song

Mama heads to kitchen

Dinner cooked
Tomorrow’s play dates booked
Children are fed
Stories well read

Noah, Josh TV watching
Neha, Elijah giggling and hopping
Mama tired nearly dropping
Heads upstairs to say goodnight
Foreheads kissed
Prayers well said
All are tucked in tight

The day is over
Heads are resting
In pillows nesting
Hearts are peaceful
Minds are blissful
All is quiet

Angela Varghese is a happy but tired mother of four.  She lives in Oakville.  By day she cleans houses allowing her time to think about writing and words.  By mid-afternoon she is home with the kids cooking and interacting with them.  In the evening she spends her time writing.  Angela thanks her mom for being the original storyteller and thanks her children for inspiring her to keep going.

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