Saturday, October 10, 2020

“Pandemic Postcard – Greetings from Calgary” by Barbara Wackerle Baker


Hi, Brian.
Here’s the piece they read on CBC Radio – The Current – and
the link to the podcast. It's close to the end of the program. Zip through to 1 hour 7 minutes. 

They were going to say “Barbara Wackerle Baker” but ended up saying “Barbara Ann Workurel.” Oh well. My husband warned me to stick with Barbara Baker. No one screws up Baker (insert hysterical old woman laughing emoji)

Hope you enjoy it. Listen here. {Or read below.}

Barbara Wackerle Baker

P.S. A huge shout out to Lisa Reynolds for sending me the link to the contest where CBC picked it up from. 


Dear Dan, 

We’re healthy. I remind myself every day. But physical distancing sucks. This virus sucks. I miss hugs. I miss people. I really miss my grandkids. Their snuggles, cuddles.

Now we play shadow tag and Simon Says. We draw on sidewalks with chalk. I bring my own. No sharing. I chase them on their bikes. Pray they don’t fall because I can’t pick them up. Can’t touch them. To protect me. I’m apparently old. High risk.

When did being 60 become high risk? Isn’t 60 the new 40?

Sweet Wyatt wants to catch the virus in his bug catcher so he can sleep over again. He’s fiv. Ainsley puts her hands up when I get too close to her. She turned four. I sang happy birthday from the end of her driveway. Nolan and Damon run to hug my legs. I remember to step back. The look in their eyes … breaks my heart.

My dad’s 87. Lives alone on the farm still. Dad says God hates him so much he’ll make him live through this too. Then he laughs. I told him I loved him. It took a virus for me to tell him.

Be steadfast dear friend. And stay healthy.

Ever always there,


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