Thursday, September 2, 2021

Congratulations to Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt and Tanya Lottridge, Dea Bozzo, and Sue Kelly, plus Beta Readers wanted

If you’ve had a story (or a book!) published, if you’ve won or placed in a writing contest, if you’ve gotten yourself an agent, or if you have any other news, send me an email so I can share your success. And be sure to let know if you're looking for a writers' group or beta readers; a notice in Quick Brown Fox, will help you find them.   

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Hi, Brian:

I'm pleased to let you know that my story Mango Madness has been published in the summer issue of The New Quarterly. Many thanks to you and the Friday morning intensive gang that work-shopped it!  

All the best,

Jane Finlayson

For information about submitting to The New Quarterly and a few other places to send your short pieces (some of which pay well!) see here.

For information about upcoming weekly classes, weekend retreats, and one-day workshops, see here.


Hello, Brian:

I hope your summer is going well. You sound very busy. Looking forward to the Intensive class in the fall.

I'd like to share with you that my entry to the Royal Canadian Legion, Senior's Writing Contest placed second in the Memoir Category. You might recall the story, “Show Me the Way to Go Home.” It was my attempt to capture my Mom's experiences and mine, when she transitioned from independence to long-term Care. I received some great feedback from you and my group which helped me polish it to success.


Sue Kelly


Hi, Brian.

I have some great news to share: my short story, "Seekat"  (previously titled “The Octopus”) won a runner-up prize in an Intrepid Times short story contest. I work-shopped this story in one of your classes – thank you to everyone who provided feedback!

I hope to see you at one of your workshops in the fall,

Tanya Lottridge

Read Tanya’s story here.


Hey, Brian.

Hope you are well and enjoying the summer. 

Just wanted to touch in and share that my piece, “The Tao of Skipping Stones,” which I submitted for the "Writing the Rollercoaster" in Burlington was accepted.

Fun! Thanks for letting me know about it. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Dea Bozzo

The deadline for submitting to Writing the Rollercoaster - Stories of riding out the pandemic in Burlington, was March 31, 2021. Bur for more information about the project, see here.


Dear Brian,

My memoir, Peacekeeper’s Daughter, made it onto the nonfiction fall preview list on the CBC Books website! 

Here is the link to the list: 56 works of Canadian nonfiction coming out in fall 2021

I’m so pleased. 



Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt

Peacekeeper’s Daughter launches on September 30. You can read an excerpt here. Pre-order your copy now from the publisher here, Chapters here, or order it through your local bookstore here.


Writer to Writer

Dear Brian,

In your August 17th post, you mentioned that a notice in Quick Brown Fox could help us to find beta readers. I would welcome that help! I have recently completed a memoir and would love to get input from a few beta readers, if possible. I have pasted a copy of the latest version of my query letter below which may be helpful.

I can be contacted by email at 

Cheers and thanks,

Christine Sharp


Victoria Hall, set up for party

I’d be The Smartest Girl in the Room, or so I thought. I arrived at my new job in idyllic Cobourg, Ontario, as a freshly-minted MBA, brimming with enthusiasm and bright ideas. Armed with the town’s Master Plan, and intent upon improving things, I worked diligently, exceeded goals, and made customers happy. So why did I end up getting fired? In my 70,000-word memoir, I’ll be exposing truths that are as relevant now as when I failed to learn them the first time.

In 1989, the Corporation of the Town of Cobourg hired me to manage Victoria Hall Concert Hall, “the most beautiful room in Canada.” Dealing with volatile bridal parties, fading celebrities, local bigwigs, and miscreant children in a controversial white elephant of a building overrun with mice and possibly haunted, didn’t daunt me. But there was one workplace hazard I wasn’t prepared for: coping with my male bosses and colleagues.

While I thought “being a good team player” involved asking pertinent questions, sharing concerns, and contributing expertise, they thought it meant following orders, covering one another’s asses, and never letting a buddy be bettered by some “girl.” Bursting into laughter at a serious business meeting, disparaging hockey, and setting the Canadian flag on fire, even if right was on my side, didn’t help matters. My overriding commitment to doing the job well became my undoing. If I’d only lived down to my bosses’ expectations, I might still be there.

Like Kate Armstrong and Kelly S. Thompson, authors of The Stone Frigate and Girls Need Not Apply, it took me years to overcome fear and self-doubt in order to tell my story of being an unwelcome trailblazer in a male-dominated world. By speaking out, I hope to embolden others. Too many talented, hardworking, and ambitious women, such as Victoria James of Wine Girl, still face inhospitable working conditions. They need to know they are not alone.

I am a graduate of the University of King’s College’s MFA Program in Creative Nonfiction (class of 2020) and have an MBA from the Ivey Business School at Western University.

If you would like to see the complete manuscript, it is ready to be delivered.


Christine Sharp


See Brian Henry’s upcoming weekly writing classes, one-day workshops, and weekend retreats here.  

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