Friday, October 26, 2012

Stories wanted for book about kids eating food from around the globe

I am writing a book based on my Eat Planet blog that I did in Toronto when the kids and I set out to eat every cuisine in the world. In the book, so far, I write about our food experiences and travel, but I would love other people's travel food stories with their kids and tips and suggestions on getting their kids to try new foods.

The idea of this book is to promote kids to eat a variety of foods, including ethnic foods. I am a firm believer that children can learn to love all different types of food at a very early age. My kids, John and Julia, are a testament to that. I also believe that through food, children can learn about the world, other cultures and develop a healthy curiosity about travel and experiencing new things.

Below is a list of questions to give writers an idea of what I am looking for. I’m not looking for anyone to write answers to any of these questions; they’re prompts for the kind of stories I’m looking for. I will, of course give credit to those who contribute. I would like the stories back to me by November 13.

Hope all is well with you. Things are fine with me and I have many writing projects in the works - and almost done with a novel that takes place in Burma. I'll keep you posted.

Jennifer Bushman

1. Do you have any interesting food memories? What was your first food memory? What were your favorite foods as a child?
2. What foods make you feel nostalgic and why?
3. How have you gotten your kids to try new foods? Do you have any special methods?
4. What are your family food traditions or celebrations? Family food traditions can mean anything you do regularly around meals, even if it’s ordering pizza on Friday nights.
5. I like taking my kids to interesting food markets and grocery stores. Describe the farmers markets, butcher shops, bakeries, and ethnic grocery stores that you go to in your area. Do you ever take your kids with you?
6. Tell me one of your travel stories and eating the local cuisines. The travel can be overseas, in your area or in the US too.
7. Describe the local cuisine in the area you live. Does your city, or country, have a particular dish, or type of food that its known for? Do you and your kids enjoy eating this dish?
8. Tell me a story about taking your kids to an ethnic restaurant. How did it go? What was it like? Did your kids eat the food?
9. Have you or your kids eaten anything weird?
10. Do you cook with your kids? If so, what dishes do you cook? You can include desserts.
11. How do you make family mealtime special?
12. Do you have anything to say about feeding your kids healthy food? Do your children eat lots of processed food? How do you regulate or monitor what they eat? Are you strict or lenient about what your kids eat, and why?
13.Do you have any recipes you’d like to share?
14. Feel free to add anything you want about getting your kids to eat, any food experiences, travel stories, etc.

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