Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Canadian literary agents form a professional association

Samantha Haywood,
literary agent with Transatlantic Agency
and President of PACLA
Here’s the letter (slightly condensed) from the newly formed association of Canadian agents to all the stake-holders in the Canadian publishing industry….

To our valued publishing industry partners: 

We are very pleased to announce the formation of the Professional Association of Canadian Literary Agents (PACLA). As you may know, similar organizations of agents have existed in the other major English language territories for years.

The agents of PACLA collectively represent more than 1,000 writers and illustrators, and we trust you will see the benefit of communicating with the majority of agencies through one officially designated group when it comes to industry issues, whether they be informational, contractual, structural or economic.

Jackie Kaiser of Westwood Creative
Artists and Vice President of PACLA 

We intend to work closely not only with book publishers but also with federal and provincial governments, prize granting organizations, writers associations, booksellers, literary festivals, review media, and educational institutions.

To start, PACLA will add our Canadian voice to the global Fair Contract (for authors) Initiative. We will also meet with government representatives to ensure that a greater number of authors have a stronger voice in policy and legislation that has an impact on the lives of creative artists and on the health of the book publishing sector. 

We have already established a Code of Practice for member agents, and intend to work with our publishing partners to develop Best Practice guidelines for our mutual benefit. And we will provide a forum for professional development for agents at all stages of their careers.

Hilary McMahon of Westwood
and Treasurer of PACLA
The Professional Association of Canadian Literary Agents looks forward to working with our valued publishing partners across the country in our shared goal of promoting, supporting, and continuing to build a vibrant Canadian publishing industry. 

We sincerely believe that acting as an association will benefit all of us and help to preserve the hard won place of our own literature in our own country.

Samantha Haywood, President
Professional Association of Canadian Literary Agents

Marilyn Biderman of Marilyn Biderman
Literary Management of Secretary of PACLA
Executive Committee, PACLA:
Samantha Haywood, Transatlantic Agency, President
Jackie Kaiser, Westwood Creative Artists, Vice President
Hilary McMahon, Westwood Creative Artists, Treasurer
Marilyn Biderman, Marilyn Biderman Literary Management, Secretary

Other members of PACLA:
Rick Broadhead, Rick Broadhead & Associates
Dean Cooke, The Cooke Agency
Sally Harding, The Cooke Agency
Rachel Letofsky, The Cooke Agency
Suzanne Brandreth, The Cooke Agency International & The Cooke Agency 
Ron Eckel, The Cooke Agency International & The Cooke Agency
Stacey Donaghy, Donaghy Literary Group
Robert Lecker, Robert Lecker Agency
Amy Moore Benson, Meridian Artists
Morty Mint, Mint Literary Agency
Chris Bucci, McDermid Associates
Monica Pacheco, McDermid Associates
Martha Webb, McDermid Associates
Curtis Russell, P.S. Literary Agency
Literary agent and PACLA member Stacey Donaghy 
will the the guest speaker at How to Get Published, 
April 22, in Midland. See here.
Carly Watters, P.S. Literary Agency
Olga Filina, The Rights Factory
Sam Hiyate, The Rights Factory
Kelvin Kong, The Rights Factory
Ali Macdonald, The Rights Factory
Lydia Moed, The Rights Factory
Robert Mackwood, Seventh Avenue Literary Agency
David Bennett, Transatlantic Agency
Shaun Bradley, Transatlantic Agency
Marie Campbell, Transatlantic Agency
Jesse Finkelstein, Transatlantic Agency
Stephanie Sinclair, Transatlantic Agency
Amy Tompkins, Transatlantic Agency
Trena White, Transatlantic Agency
Carolyn Forde, Westwood Creative Artists
Michael Levine, Westwood Creative Artists
John Pearce, Westwood Creative Artists
Bruce Westwood, Westwood Creative Artists

Honourary/Emeritus Members:
Bella Pomer, Bella Pomer Agency
Linda McKnight, Westwood Creative Artists

A Darkness Absolute by Kelley Armstrong
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