Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New book: The Loyalist Legacy, third novel in the Loyalist triology by Elaine Cougler, plus it's the 10-year anniversary of the publication of the first one

Hi, Brian.
I am excited to tell you that I launched The Loyalist Legacy, the third book in my Loyalist trilogy, with a three-week blog tour online (which just keeps going!) and a month of book launch events around the London area.
This third book brings the Garners into the heart of Ontario:
After the crushing end of the War of 1812, William and Catherine Garner find their allotted two hundred acres in Nissouri Township by following the Thames River into the wild heart of Upper Canada. On their valuable land straddling the river, dense forest, wild beasts, displaced Natives, and pesky neighbours daily challenge them. The political atmosphere laced with greed and corruption threatens to undermine all of the new settlers’ hopes and plans.
William knows he cannot take his family back to Niagara but he longs to check on his parents from whom he has heard nothing for two years. Leaving Catherine and their children, he hurries back along the Governor’s Road toward the turn-off to Fort Erie, hoping to return home in time for spring planting….
The Loyalist Legacy delves further into the history of the Loyalists as they begin to disagree on how to deal with the injustices of the powerful Family Compact and on just how loyal to Britain they want to remain.
Ongoing speaking events and marketing ventures keep me busy but it’s all great fun and in the few free moments in my days I’ve been working on launching my first audio book in the trilogy (The Loyalist’s Wife) on Audible.
This writing journey which I started in earnest almost ten years ago has enriched my life. I’m so glad I found the tiny ad in the Woodstock paper which led me to my first course with you once I had my first draft written all those years ago. Going on to the extreme editing course in Oakville broadened my writing knowledge even further and I still keep up with several of those writers, meeting and exchanging ideas whenever we can find the time. The seeds planted way back then have grown and flowered for so many of us.
Thank you for the important work that you do.
With kind regards
Note: Wednesday, March 29, is the ten-year anniversary of the publication of The Loyalist’s Wife, the first book in the Loyalist Trilogy. Hop over the Elaine’s blog and wish her congrats here.
The Loyalist Legacy is available from here or from Kobo here.  

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  1. Wow, Brian! Thanks so much for that post about my writing news. I really appreciate your help just as I appreciated those courses all those years ago. Look where we've gone since then, eh? Best wishes on your continued journey!

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