Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Gifts to help make the world a better place

My son thought getting a goat for Hanukkah  would be the coolest thing. He’d just casually mention it to his friends, and they’d be like, “Really?” 

Yes, he’d eventually confess that, no, we don’t have a goat in the backyard – it was a gift, given through Plan International, to some family in the developing world – but still, way cool and goats are cute, too.

We actually opted for a bunch of baby blankets instead, a gift strongly backed by my daughter, who wanted whatever would do the most good, and for every baby blanket we bought, a government or foundation matched it with five more blankets. So good deal.

Check out all the available gifts here and matched gifts (that give the most bang for your buck) here. And you can do your Boxing Day shopping from home and avoid those crowded malls ;-)

All the best of the season ~Brian

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