Thursday, July 23, 2020

Two new books: The Light Temple of Yash by Nicolette Uma Smith and The Captain's Lady by Robecca Austin

Hi, Brian.
Several years ago you and I spent some time trying to find an open Tim Horton’s in Collingwood to discuss your evaluation of my futuristic novel about a world that had experienced a far more deadly virus then Covid 19. Several rewrites later, which included most of your suggestions, the e-book has finally been published by Shusia Publishing as The Light Temple of Yash. 
It is a good book to read in these times of Covid 19 because it offers a way forward to a better future.
The book begins with Eban who lives in Nuwess, a country where all young men have to do military service. That does not sit well with his desire to heal others. When Eban discovers that his missing mother is alive and that he has a younger sister, he leaves to look for them in Yash, a country where guns are prohibited and people live in harmony. His search becomes easier when he contacts his sister, Jiyoti, by using computer-assisted dreaming to send visions. She too is searching for their mother.
All the best,
Nicolette Uma Smith
The Light Temple of Yash is available as an ebook or Kindle through Smashwords here, as a Kobo ebook through Chapters/Indigo here, as a Kindle through Amazon Canada here and through Amazon U.S. here.
Since publishing Light Temple of Yash, Nicolette has also put out Hopeful Steps, a memoir of her time in Guyana, again with Shusia Publishing.

Hi, Brian.
I’m pleased to announce that I’ve self-published my first regency romance novel, The Captain’s Lady. This novel took root in your workshops and over the years your feedback has played an important part in shaping my stories. Thank you!

Lady Isabella Pennington’s life is knotted in rumors.
London’s gentry, like most high societies, pounce on scandal. Not willing to risk another disastrous engagement, Isabella is determined not to love the wrong man again and plots her re-entry into high society. However, she has never forgotten the rogue Captain Nicholas or their passionate afternoon years ago. Nicholas is no aristocrat. He’s a handsome devil who does not abide by society’s rules.
No sooner than she agrees to be the lady society insists upon, then Nicholas makes bold promises of marriage that startles high society and awakens desires in Isabella that she’s never known before.
In this marriage of convenience story where prestige trumps passion, will lady Isabella abandon title for love?

Available on Amazon and Kobo

All the best,
Robecca Austin
P.S. Coming soon: Champion of the Isles, a steamy Scottish Romance.
See much more on Robecca’s website here.

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