Friday, August 20, 2010

Poetry, micro-fiction, flash fiction, and short stories wanted

The Short Story Library is a free on-line magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, micro fiction and poetry. Editor Casey Quinn says: Our goal is to get more first time authors published and to provide an easy to read free online magazine for our readers. We accept any of the following!

- Poetry – Please between 3 and 4 poems
- Micro Fiction – Less than 500 words
- Flash Fiction – Less than 1000 words
- Short Stories – Less than 5000 words
- Art Work – We plan to do some print publications and always in need of art work
- Writing Articles – Always looking to help pass on a good tip. If you have one send it on in
- Random Articles for Offbeat Writing – Written on any topic you want as long as it is interesting

You as author retain rights to your story at all times. We ask for electronic publishing rights and the right to include your work (if selected) for the yearly print anthology. If your writing is selected for the yearly anthology we will contact you and give you a window to opt out of the print anthology if you wish to.

Full guidelines:

Read Me Publishing seeks stories for horror collection
Casey Quinn is also the publisher of Read Me, a small independent publisher dedicated to short form fiction.  Currently Casey is gathering stories for a horror anthology:

Everyone knows the saying that real life is stranger than fiction. We believe this should be taken even further, that in fact real life is scarier and more horrifying than fiction. We are putting together a collection of short stories inspired by horrific events ripped from the headlines of local or national news. The short stories should be fictitious, however should be based around real events that have splashed the headlines over the last few decades. Think Manson, Think Dahmer, Think back to some horrible article you read and tell us in your mind what really happened!

- Short stories ranging between 4,000 and 6,000 words
- Pays $5 per story due on publication
- Payment will be made via paypal only
- Stories should be attached to the email, Subject: Ripped from the Headlines – LAST NAME
- Include a brief 50 word bio with your submission
- No deadline, the book will be published when a sufficient number of stories have been accepted
- Submission address:

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of this information with us. I have a feeling I'll be spending way too much time exploring The Short Story Library. :D


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