Sunday, August 8, 2010

“The Voice of Trinidad and Tobago” by Melika Ramkissoon

In the space between here and now and the recent past,
I hear a voice
It beckons me...
As the waterfall rustle
Of autumn leaves
Settle in a thick layer
Upon my mind

The voice is high--
A soprano
That bridges Time and Space
Echoing and undulating
With the emerald green abundance
Of the Northern Range
And the hypnotic rhythm of the ocean

The voice belongs to a storyteller
She seamlessly weaves together music, poetry and myth
With the ease of experience
And the mystery of the unknown

Her voice soothes me into a deep sleep
Of shifting, living paintings
Flora so vibrantly coloured, they pulsate with otherworldly intensity
Breezes so gentle, they tantalize the palm trees into a seductive dance
Heat so intense, it has an enveloping fragrance all its own
Beauty so untamed, it is unrefined, yet delicate
People so gracious, they embrace you with that tangible, Caribbean joie de vivre

My soul’s voice joins in exuberant unison
With the voice—
Of my heritage
Of my identity
Of belonging


Melika Ramkissoon is a longtime Mississauga resident, whose passions include (but are not limited to) writing poetry, drawing, painting, and going to art exhibits. She has recently rekindled her love of creative writing, by taking one of Brian's classes. As a result, she hopes to broaden the focus of her creative writing by composing memoir and travel pieces. She is pursuing postgraduate studies in Corporate Communications.

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