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Cricket Media seeks fiction and nonfiction stories, articles, poems, activities, recipes, puzzles & games for children 6 months to 14+

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Cricket Media pays for stories, poems, articles, recipes, activities, and puzzles and games for their children’s magazines for ages six months to 14-plus. Their literary publications include:
Babybug for ages 6 months-3 years
Ladybug for ages 3-6
Spider for ages 6-9
Cricket for ages 9-14
Cicada for ages 14 and up
Cricket also has a range of nonfiction magazines:
Click Science and Discovery for ages 3-7
Ask Science and Discovery for ages 7-10
Muse Science and Discovery for ages 10 and up
Cobblestone American History for ages 9-14
Dig Into History World History and Archaeology for ages 9-14
Faces World Cultures and Geography for ages 9-14

Babybug is a look-and-listen magazine for ages 6 months – 3 years. It presents simple poems, stories, nonfiction, and activities that reflect the natural playfulness and curiosity of babies and toddlers. When reviewing submissions, the editors look for manuscripts that please the ear and beg to be read again, as well as those that capture a baby’s discoveries in a few simple, concrete sentences.
Stories and articles pay up to 25¢ per word. Poems: up to $3.00 per line; $25.00 minimum
Full guidelines here.

Ladybug seeks stories and poems for children ages 3 6. Current theme: Our World. "Tell our readers about a cultural tradition you know well or take them to a new place, such as a train station, theater, orange grove, or dam. Investigate an everyday mystery (Where does our food come from?) or open their senses to the natural world. We’re looking for writing attuned to a young child’s interests and capacity for joy and wonder. We accept narrative nonfiction (to 800 words), nonfiction (to 400 words), poetry (to 20 lines), and proposals for short comics." 
Stories and articles pay up to 25¢ per word. Poems: up to $3.00 per line; $25.00 minimum
Current deadline: July 31, 2017. Full guidelines here.

Spider is a literary magazine for children ages 6 – 9. It features fresh and engaging literature, poems, articles, and activities for newly independent readers. Editors seek energetic, beautifully crafted submissions with strong “kid appeal” (an elusive yet recognizable quality, often tied to high-interest elements such as humor, adventure, and suspense).
Stories and articles pay up to 25¢ per word; poems, up to $3.00 per line, $25.00 minimum; activities and recipes, $75.00 flat rate.
Full guidelines here.

Cricket magazine seeks to publish the highest quality fiction, poetry, and literary nonfiction to engage our audience of enthusiastic young readers (ages 9 to 14). Editors consider unsolicited submissions from writers of every level of experience. Since its founding in 1973, CRICKET has published some of the most respected writers of children’s literature. It is also a wonderful opportunity for promising new writers to showcase their best work.
Currently Cricket is seeking “contemporary or historical fiction, retellings of folktales and legends, and nonfiction on the theme of problematic encounters between humans and animals. We welcome humorous stories about troublesome pets, dramatic dealings with wild animals, domestic adventures with backyard pests, warm-hearted friendships with skittish horses—even tales of imaginary animals that exist only in fantasy and legend. Whether you are inspired by stampeding buffalo, beasts from the deep, raccoons in the attic, or foxy tricksters, Cricket wants to see your best story for middle-grade readers (preferably of 1500 to1800 words)." 
Stories and articles pay up to 25¢ per word; poems, up to $3.00 per line, $25.00 minimum; activities and recipes, $75.00 flat rate.
Deadline: July 31, 2017. Full submission guidelines here

Cicada is a YA lit/comics magazine (ages 14-plus) fascinated with the lyric and strange and committed to work that speaks to teens’ truths. “We publish poetry, realistic and genre fic, essay, and comics by adults and teens. (We are also inordinately fond of Viking jokes.) Our readers are smart and curious; submissions are invited but not required to engage young adult themes.”
In fiction, Cicada seeks realism, SF/fantasy, and historical fiction; flash fiction to
to novellas up to 9,000 words
In poetry, no length limits. Send us yer epics!
In comics, Cicada seeks talented artists who are making thoughtful (or flippant), beautiful (or unsettling), exuberant (or quiet) comics, zines, visual poems, sequential graphic narratives, or any other work in image and/or text. We commission original stories from a brief pitch, and give developmental feedback through the production process.
In narrative nonfiction, Cicada especially wants teen-written essays on lit/culture/arts; hybrid forms. Length: up to 5,000 words
Stories and articles pay up to 25¢ per word; poems, up to $3.00 per line, $25.00 minimum.
Full guidelines here.

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Click introduces young children (ages 3–7) to ideas and concepts in the natural, physical, or social sciences; the arts; technology; math; and history. Each edition of CLICK is built around a central theme and features a variety of formats, including stories, articles, poems, photo essays, interviews, and activities.
An ideal Click article (200–500 words) investigates and explains the how and why of its subject in a friendly, engaging, often humorous way. Intended to be accessible and appealing to pre-readers and beginning readers, CLICK prose should be informal and conversational, with a clear focus on ideas rather than just facts.
Click is especially interested in narrative nonfiction (600–900 words), stories that read like fiction but contain and explain nonfiction concepts within them. Since one of CLICK’s goals is to encourage children to question, observe, and explore, successful stories often show children engaged in finding out about their universe—with the help of supportive, but not all-knowing adults.
Full guidelines here.

Ask is a nonfiction magazine for children 7–10 years old who are curious about science and the world they live in. Each edition of Ask is built around a central theme on some question or concept in the natural, physical, or social sciences, technology, mathematics, history, or the arts. Ask introduces kids to the joys of thinking, writing, and observing scientifically, and presumes them to be active participants in the ongoing search for better knowledge about the world.
Ask welcomes queries for articles for upcoming themes. Queries should give an overview of the proposed article, including scope and treatment, resources, and a draft opening paragraph. Writers new to Ask should also provide a resume and two writing samples, including at least 200 words of unedited copy on any nonfiction topic.
Current theme: Cats – Are they just tigers in disguise?
Deadline for queries: Aug 1, 2017. Full submission guidelines here.

Muse is a discovery magazine for children and teens. The editors seek fresh, entertaining stories from the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Timeliness is essential, but humor, irreverence, and atypical angles are also hallmarks of Muse. 

Current theme: YOU SHALL NOT PASS – The what, why, and how of cybersecurity

Deadline for queries: July 31, 2017. Full submission guidelines here.

Cobblestone is an American history magazine for ages 8 to 14. They need articles, fiction, poetry, activities, and puzzles and games. Each issue has a new theme, but their themes haven’t been updated recently.
Full submission guidelines here.

Dig Into History focuses on world history with a 10- to 14-page section that focuses on an archaeological discovery or topic related to the issue’s theme. They need articles, fiction, poetry, activities, and puzzles and games.
Current theme: KV10: A Primer on Egypt.
Deadline for queries: Aug 18, 2017. Full submission guidelines here.

Faces world culture and geography magazine seeks articles, fiction, poetry, activities, and puzzles and games, with lively and original approaches to the subject of each issue.
Current themes:
Scotland – Queries due by July 21, 2017
Basketball – Queries due by August 25, 2017
Full guidelines here.

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