Friday, October 13, 2017

Paying markets for solarpunk, maritime stories by teens, and for short stories, essays, and poetry

Sonofawitch anthology
from Word Weaver Press
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Word Weaver Press seeks submissions for  Glass & Gardens: Solarpunk Summers Anthology. "For this anthology, I want to see solarpunk summers. Show me futuristic stories that take place in summer, whether that involves a summer night in a rooftop garden, or characters adapting to extreme heat and weather, or an annual migration to cooler lands. Keep it planet-based (Earth or other), and optimistic. Solarpunk worlds aren’t necessarily utopias, but they definitely aren’t dystopias." 
Payment determined by Kickstarter success; $10 minimum. 
Deadline November 15, 2017. Submision guidelines here.
Upcoming: Baba Yaga anthology. Length: 7,500 – 20,000 words. Pays $50 Open for submissions January 1 – March 1 2018

Hey, Brian.
I'm writing on behalf of Vallum: Contemporary Poetry, a Montreal-based literary magazine. We're looking to get the word out about our latest call for submissions:
 Call for Issue 15.1 - "Forgetting"
 Our minds are like labyrinths, we remember, we forget. Sometimes, the past is the hardest thing we have to confront. Forgetting and letting go of what haunts us is often an impossible task, but something we must go through in order to find any kind of resolution. In other forms, forgetting can be a curse, like struggling with Alzheimer’s or misplacing one’s possessions. How does "Forgetting" figure in your lives and in your poems?
The editors at Vallum are committed to enriching and continuing the tradition of poetry in the present day. We welcome submissions that deepen our understanding of what poetry is and can be. We encourage Indigenous writers, writers of colour, gender non-conforming writers, differently abled writers, LGBTQ writers, writers with mental or physical illnesses, and writers who are otherwise affected by structural inequality to submit their work for consideration.
Send us your best poems! More information here.
Deadline: November 15, 2017
Mail submissions to:
Vallum Magazine 
5038 Sherbrooke West 
PO BOX 23077 CP Vendome
Montreal, QC H4A 1T0 
Cason Sharpe
Vallum Society for Education in Arts and Letters

Owl Hollow Press seeks submissions for Band of Misfits: Adventures on the High Seas AnthologyWants submissions from teens, aged 3–19.  Submit short stories up to 7,500 words on theme of "gangs of pirates, steampunk sailors, mischievous mermaids, hostile Kraken, submerged vortexes, or any other maritime adventures you’d care to explore – whether contemporary, historical, science fiction, fantasy, or horror." Pays $30. 
Deadline: November 30, 2017. Submission guidelines here.

Ninth Letter is published semi-annually at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. “We are interested in prose and poetry that experiment with form, narrative, and nontraditional subject matter, as well as more traditional literary work.”
Seeks submissions on theme of community for online edition. Submit up to three poems or one piece of short prose (fiction or nonfiction) of up to 3,500 words; also include a cover letter that briefly explains how you see your work connecting to the theme. Pays $25 per poem or $75 for a story or essay. Deadline November 5, 2017
Also seeks short fiction for print edition. Pays $25 per printed page. Deadline November 30, 2017
And seeks poetry and essays for print edition. Pays $25 per printed page. Deadline February 28, 2018
Submission guidelines here.

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