Monday, January 18, 2010

Book reviewers wanted for Quick Brown Fox

If you're looking to see your words in print (on-line) or want to add a writing credit to your resume, why not write a book review for Quick Brown Fox? I always need reviews, so if you read, if you like or dislike what you’ve read, and you can put your opinion into words, I’d like to hear from you.

Guidelines:  I like fairly short reviews, say under 600 words words, and if you only have 100 words to say about a book, that’s okay. Alternatively, if you discover you’ve written a 1,000-word review, I’ll look at that too, provided you really need all those words.
I like reviews of good books. People look to reviews for recommendations of what they might enjoy reading, so reviews of crummy books are less useful.

Occasionally, I like reviews of overrated books. If everyone’s talking about the latest Margaret Atwood, and if you’re a Can Lit fan but think this book sucks, let us know. Note that to write this kind of review, you need to be a fan. If you only enjoy Literature with a capital L, don’t write to tell us that the latest Dan Brown blockbuster doesn’t meet your standards. We know that. Write about the kind of books you like and target your review to a book’s potential audience.

I like to enjoy reading reviews. Like all literature, a review is meant to delight and enlighten. I’d much rather you send me a witty one-liner than 400 ponderous words. Or if you want to share some fascinating information about a book’s topic, please do. For instance if you’re reviewing Dan Brown, you might decide to share some tidbits about actual secret societies. Or you might comment on our strange fascination with secret societies, which after all tend to be no more dangerous or all-powerful than the Rotary Club.

I'm not just interested in book reviews. If you want to review a magazine or recommend an article or write about why digital readers can never replace paper books, go for it. Any book related piece is good.

I will sometimes publish reviews of books that were self-published, but the majority of books reviewed in Quick Brown Fox will have been published by traditional publishers.

Send your review in the body of your email to:
I'll either post your review or not, but I won't reply to emails about them. I'd like to, but I just don't have the time.

Image: From the Casey-Caridinia Library in Australia.

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  1. I have just finished an intriguing book called
    "The Lottery Code" by Hattingh-Spurgeon.
    The author discovered a hidden code in the British Lottery in 1995 and 11 years later cracked the code. It revealed over 300 messages.
    It is available for free from her website.

    I would like to write a review on this book, if I may.

    Martin Legan


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