Monday, January 25, 2010

Doggy Lit (3 markets for dog lovers)

Dogs in Canada
Apex Publishing Limited
200 Ronson Drive, Suite 401
Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 5Z9

Dogs in Canada is Canada’s top-selling pet magazine. It aims to be a reliable and authoritative source of information about dogs:

Our mix of content must satisfy a diverse readership, including knowledgeable dog professionals, breed fanciers and individuals who simply love their pet dogs. Over 49,000 individuals currently subscribe to our monthly magazine and over 127,000 copies of the Dogs in Canada Annual are mass circulated. We urge all writers to become familiar with our magazine prior to querying.

We will consider a wide range of content (feature articles, fillers, interviews, poetry, etc.) but all work must be thematically related to dogs and/or the human-canine relationship. As a general rule, we prefer short, tightly focused pieces. Articles should not exceed 1,500 words.

We encourage writers to query with fresh ideas about dogs and the diverse roles they play in our lives. Basics regarding canine health, nutrition, obedience and behaviour have been extensively explored in the magazine. A fresh perspective on a basic canine issue or a query regarding an up-and-coming topic will be more likely to catch our attention.

We accept queries by e-mail

“Dogs in Canada pays writers upon acceptance, with payment varying according to the quality and length of the contribution. We purchase first-time North American rights and non-exclusive electronic rights.

Submissions guidelines:

K9 magazine

If you can write a newsy article about dogs or a short advice piece about caring for man’s best friend, you might send it to this British magazine for publication on their website. If they like your piece well enough, they might also publish it in their print edition. No pay, just glory.

Check out the sort of thing K9 publishes here:
Submit articles here.

The Bark
2810 Eighth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

The Bark, which is enjoyed by 250,000 readers, is a bi-monthly magazine about life with dogs. With each issue, we seek to bring our readers a literate and entertaining spectrum of dog-centric articles and stories.

We accept unsolicited submissions and queries, but we review submissions in the intervals between magazine production. Therefore, it can take us up to a year to respond

It is very important for you to become familiar with the “voice” and scope of our magazine before submitting your work. The Bark has been publishing for ten years, and has covered many subjects and themes; we prefer not to repeat ourselves. Also keep in mind that we are a dog magazine, and our readers are very sophisticated in matters pertaining to dogs.

Commentaries, essays, stories, fiction and well-researched non-fiction will be considered but all work must prominently include dogs.

Articles and stories should not exceed 2,000 words. Ideally an article should be no longer than 1,200 words, and will stand a better chance of publication if it is below this limit. We also accept short pieces (less than 600 words) on general tips, how-to and other topics.

If you are interested in doing an original book review, please send us a writing sample (ideally, a review of an appropriately themed book) and let us know what subject matter interests you.

We do accept poetry, but do not have space for all the poems that we would like to publish. We have already selected the poetry that will take us into 2011. But the shorter the poem, the more likely we might be to find space for it.

Essay tributes to dogs who have died are discouraged; while we empathize, and understand that this work comes from the heart, we normally do not publish it. You are, however, invited to submit your tribute here and share your story with our online readers.

The Bark pays upon publication; compensation varies according to complexity and length of article and is individually negotiated.

Web Only Submissions:

We invite you to submit material for web-only publication. These pieces cannot be more than 600 words in length and must fall into the same categories as are covered in the print magazine. You will only be notified if your work is selected for publication. As payment, you will receive a one-year complimentary subscription to The Bark.

Please email your work to
and include your last name and “Web originals submission” in the subject line.

Complete submission guidelines here:

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