Monday, July 26, 2010

Napoleon publishing seeks contemporary urban novels

Dark Star Fiction: We are currently accepting submissions for Dark Star Fiction, a new literary imprint. The goal of this imprint is to publish new young voices in Canadian literary fiction, involving non-conventional themes and settings, and aimed at audiences which reflect Canada's developing urban environment and modern concerns. Please note this is not a children's or teen imprint.

Please send either sample chapters or finished manuscripts. Submissions must be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope or mailer.

Submissions that are not accompanied by a SASE will not be read or returned. All authors submitting to any of our imprints must be based in Canada. Please do not send fiction proposals that are not accompanied by sample chapters or a full manuscript.

We are not accepting children's, crime fiction or general fiction submissions at this time. Submissions should be sent to:

The Editors
Napoleon & Company
1173 Dundas St. E, Suite 235
Toronto, Ontario
M3M 3P1

Submissions page:

Company Profile by Napoleon & Co. publisher Sylvia McConnell

Napoleon Publishing began its publishing program in 1990 with children's picture books, quickly branching into junior and young adult novels, and biographies of Canadians who have made a difference.

Some of our best known award-winning children's authors are John Wilson, Peggy Dymond Leavey, Robert McConnell, Rosemary Nelson and Christopher Dinsdale. Our focus is on fiction which reflects the world of the Canadian child. Titles such as Many Windows, Yuit, Muslim Child and Singing towards the Future show our country in all its diversity. Some of our other well known children's titles are Norbert Nipkin, Thanksgiving Day in Canada, Desperate Glory: the Story of WWI, Dragon in the Clouds and The Deep End Gang. Our authors come from across the country, but we also have wonderful Toronto authors - Sarah Hartt-Snowbell, Sydell Waxman and Karen Krossing.

Napoleon Publishing is still the imprint by which our company is best known, but in 1997 we added adult fiction, (RendezVous Press) and in 1998, our fastest growing line, which is RendezVous Crime. RVC produces Canadian mystery and crime stories by Canadian writers, many of them featured on the TV series, True Pulp Fiction.

RVC's authors have won Canada's only crime fiction award, the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel, three times in the past four years: Barbara Fradkin's novels Fifth Son and Honour among Men, and then in 2008, Jon Redfern's Trumpets Sound No More. Other best selling mystery authors in our line-up include Mel Bradshaw, author of Death in the Age of Steam, which tells the story of a love-sick banker searching for his lost love in the Toronto of the 1850s; and Rick Blechta's and his musically-themed mysteries, A Case of You and Cemetery of the Nameless.

Inside Music Books is dedicated to the outstanding musical groups and artists in our country. Hedley: Fan Lowdown accompanied the band Hedley on their rocking tour across the country in October. A book on the newest Canadian Idol, Theo Tams, will follow in the spring.

Our final and darkest imprint is Darkstar Fiction, dedicated to all those young urban adults who want to see themselves reflected in modern literature. A gala for Darkstar Fiction and its new authors, Laurie Channer and Kerry Kelly, will be held on November 24th at the Gladstone Hotel. See the events section of this site. All are welcome. Come and meet us but meanwhile, check out our publishing program at

For information about Brian Henry's writing workshops and creative writing courses, see here.

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