Friday, November 12, 2010

Gaspereau Press, publisher of the Giller Prize winning novel, "The Sentimentalists" by Johanna Skibsrud

Johanna Skibsrud author of The Sentimentalists
Gaspereau Press
47 Church Avenue
Kentville, Nova Scotia
B4N 2M7

"Gaspereau Press is a Nova Scotia owned and operated trade publisher based in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Publishing short-run editions of both literary and regional interest, Gaspereau Press produces quality first-edition paperbacks and limited-edition hardcover books aimed at the Canadian market. Our list includes poetry, local histories, literary essays, novels and short-story collections.  They publish about ten new titles a year."
And they're not kidding about creating quality books.  Now that Johanna Skibsrud has won the Giller for The Sentimentalists, Gapereau hasn't gone to a mass market press and asked them to crank out 50,000 copies by tomorrow.  They're continuing to hand-print on Rolland’s Zephyr Antique Laid, a creamy, sensual book paper.  Then the signatures are smyth-sewn and bound into card covers and enfolded in letterpress-printed jackets.   Gaspereau can create only about 1,000 of these a week, a small fraction of the current demand.  I can't imagine the author is happy with this.
Gapereau may give in to pressure to mass produce The Sentimentalists, but unless or until they do, it will be in short supply, possibly for the next year or two.   If you want a copy, I suggest you order it today, directly from the publisher.  (The publisher gets to keep a lot more of what you pay that way, too). Or download one onto your Kobo reader. (Sorry not available for Kindle.) 

If you're interested in submitting to Gaspereau, they accept both partial and full manuscripts for consideration. But all submissions and editorial inquiries should be sent by mail no email submissions.  They reply within four to eight months.  They publish only Canadian authors and do not publish children's books, commercial or mass-market fiction, cookbooks, how-to guides, fantasy novels, romance novels, science fiction or mysteries.

Full submission guidelines here:

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