Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lindsey Clemons seeks thrillers, mysteries,and literary fiction

Michael Larsen - Elizabeth Pomada Literary Agents
1029 Jones Street
San Francisco, California 94109

The newest member of the Larsen Pomada Agency (and so the one most in need of authors) is Lindsey Clemons. She joined Larsen Pomada in 2009 as an intern. She is now the agency's newest Associate Agent. Lindsey graduated from California State University with a BA in Film and Electronic Arts and a minor in Creative Writing. Lindsey has studied literature and the arts in Florence, Dublin, and New York at Columbia University.

She is seeking: captivating thrillers, mysteries of all sorts and literary fiction. She is an advocate for strong, well-developed characters and fresh, distinct voices.

Please query her with the first 10 pages of your manuscript and a 1-2-page synopsis via e-mail (no attachments) at 
Check Lindsey's full submission guidelines for any updates here.

Agency founder Elizabeth Pomada represents literary and commercial fiction, romance, thrillers, mysteries and mainstream women's fiction. Email a submission to Elizabeth at 
Your submission should be double-spaced in 14-point typeface in the body of your email with no attachments. Include the first 10 pages plus a 1-2 page synopsis. See Elizabeth's full submission guidelines here.

Co-founder Michael Larsen is eager to find nonfiction books that will excite big and midsize houses: how-to’s, self-help, business, personal finance, popular culture, biography, current affairs, history, health, medicine, spirituality, inspirational books, trends, technology, the future, and other books with practical, social, or literary value. Mail a non-fiction proposal or query to Micahel's attention. See Michael's full submission guidelines here.

Laurie McLean joined the agency in 2005 to represent adult genre fiction (romance, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, westerns, horror, etc.) and children's middle-grade and young adult books. She does not handle non-fiction, or commercial, literary or women's fiction, nor does she handle children's picture books or graphic novels. She prefers to receive the first ten pages and a 2-page plot synopsis of a manuscript via email (no attachments, please) at
Laurie is closed to submissions every December and January. See Laurie's full submission guidelines here.

Brian Henry has a couple of "How to Get Published" workshops coming up. The agents guest-speaking at these workshops are looking for new clients. Brian will be in London on November 6 with guest Tina Tsallas of Great Titles Literary Agency (details here) and in Mississauga on December 4 with guest Martha Magor Webb of the Anne McDermid literary agency (details here).

For information about all of Brian's writing workshops and creative writing courses, see here.

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