Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Morning Rhyme" by Cynthia Young

A poem for Existentialists, Nihilists, and Agnostics
mirror, mirror on the wall,
am I really here at all?
I see you, but look at me,
so who is it, I really see?

are you here or am I there?
am I really meant to care?
I see my eyes,
I feel my face,
but am I really in this place?

am I real?
or am I fake?
perhaps I'm some
false god’s mistake?

still, I have mass,
and take up space…
a little “matter”,
the human race?
Cynthia Young has been an avid reader and writer since elementary school. She delights in reading a good descriptive story that is told lyrically and/or with dry humour. Cynthia has worked as an editor, a legal assistant, and a concierge. Her experience as a copy editor and her love for making puns make her especially fun at parties.

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