Friday, November 26, 2010

The Puritan on-line literary quarterly seeks submissions

The Puritan is an online, quarterly publication based in Toronto and committed to publishing the best in new fiction, non-fiction, poetry, interviews, and reviews.

The Puritan seeks, above all, a pioneering literature. Submissions may push toward the symbolic frontier, challenging limitations and forging into previously unexplored aesthetic territory. But they may also revisit and revitalize traditional forms. We seek work wherever it lands on the conceptual spectrum, so long as it is original, intelligent, and engaging.


Fiction: Feel free to push boundaries. We have diverse tastes; try us out. Length is up to you, but a story over 10,000 words will only be considered if it is of exceptional quality. Stories of high quality and high word counts may be considered for serialization. Please read our last two (2) or three (3) issues in our archive in order to familiarize yourself with work we have published in the past. Only send one (1) story at a time, unless you are writing flash fiction (or stories under 500 words), in which case you can send up to three (3).

Nonfiction: See above. Send only one (1) piece at a time. Non-fiction submissions can be anything from memoirs and creative non-fiction to academic essays on a literary subject. We're open to just about anything, but the more literary your topic, the better.

Poetry: Baffle us, tangle us up, or break our hearts. We're looking for poems of any length (including sequences and long poems). Send up to four (4) poems at a time.

Interviews: Interviews must be thoughtful, compelling, and original. Strive for depth. They must also be conducted with writers, publishers, editors, and other sorts involved in the world of books and publishing. Length is up to you. Please understand that your subject will be contacted in order to verify that your submission was indeed a legitimate conversation. Please supply your interview with a title that includes the name of your interviewee, such as "The Steadfast Heart": An Interview with William Bradford. Send only one interview at a time.

Book reviews: We are looking for insightful and challenging reviews of recently released fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Reviews can be up to 2,000 words in length. We prefer to publish reviews of books released by smaller Canadian publishers, but are open to other works, as well. Please supply your review with a title, and the necessary information about the book you are reviewing. Send only one review at a time. Abide by the following model - Title, Publisher, Year, Price, Number of Pages, and then your name, like so:
"Ahead of His Time": A Review of Thomas Morton's The New English Canaan.
The Prince Society, 1883.
$19.95, 300 pages.
Review by Mortimer Sneed.
If you would like to review on a regular basis for The Puritan, please send us a sample review, and we may enlist you in our ever-growing team of elect reviewers.

Complete submission guidelines here:

Current issue:

For information about Brian Henry's writing workshops and creative writing courses, see here.

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